The Demons-in-the-World Edition Sunday, July 31, 2022

Behind The Glassy Façade Of Apple’s Newest London Store Lies An AR Art Wonderland, by Nick Compton, Wallpaper

As if there wasn’t enough in the way of day and night terrors to be getting along with, Apple has marked the opening of its new London store by introducing Blakean demons into the world. Virtually anyway.

The writhing augmented reality spectres and serpents – with their raging internal hell fires visible – are the work of Australian but New York-based tech-art duo Tin Nguyen and Ed Cutting, collectively Tin&Ed.


Apple Overhauls iPhone Checkout Experience With Larger Images, Focus On Trade-ins, More, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

Apple has given the iPhone checkout page on its website a major overhaul. The new design features larger images, quicker access to shopping assistance, and more. There’s also a bigger emphasis on trading in other devices, as well.

Subscriptions Have Made Gaming On An iPhone Fun Again, by Andrew Webster, The Verge

I came to this realization recently when I switched from Android to an iPhone and started loading my new gadget with games (that’s always the first order of business for any machine I acquire). I started out by downloading titles from the subscriptions I have — Apple Arcade and Netflix — and before I knew it, I had two dozen games in a folder, ranging from old favorites to ones I keep meaning to try. Subscriptions, even on mobile, aren’t an entirely new phenomenon. Arcade launched way back in 2019. But they’ve now matured to the point that I feel like it’s the best way to game on an iPhone.

Paprika 3: The Ultimate Recipe Storage Solution, by Jeff Balke, Houston Free Press

There are plenty of features that add to the richness of this particular app like adding your own recipes, creating categories, meal/menu planning, creating grocery lists from recipe ingredients, storage on pantry items for use with recipes and on grocery lists, and sync between devices. Those are all wonderfully useful options, and, by themselves, would make one hell of an app.

But where Paprika becomes a game changer is its unique ability to grab recipes from where most of us get them nowadays, the internet.

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I've hit a wall this weekend on SwiftUI. An element that worked perfectly on iOS doesn't really work for me on macOS.

Oh well. There's always the next weekend.


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