The Risk-Mitigation-Unit Edition Thursday, August 4, 2022

The Women Calling Out Apple’s Handling Of Misconduct Claims, by Patrick McGee, Financial Times

In interviews with 15 female Apple employees, both current and former, the Financial Times has found that Mohr’s frustrating experience with the People group has echoes across at least seven Apple departments spanning six US states.

The women shared allegations of Apple’s apathy in the face of misconduct claims. Eight of them say they were retaliated against, while seven found HR to be disappointing or counterproductive.


The accounts collected by the FT paint a portrait of a People team that acts less like a safe place for employees to go with complaints and more like a risk mitigation unit that protects bad managers. In six cases, women said speaking up had cast them as bad team members and resulted in their departure. In three instances, Apple offered multiple months of salary in exchange for not disparaging the company or being held liable.

What Happened To The Apple Union Campaign?, by Zoe Schiffer, The Verge

“The temperature for considering a union has gone cold, much to my disappointment,” says a worker in Texas, who asked to be anonymous for fear of retaliation. “From my perspective, Apple has appeased people here, but the underlying issues persist.”

But experts say it’s far too early to write off the union campaign. “That’s actually a lot of organizing activity for six months — most campaigns take several years,” says Kate Bronfenbrenner, director of labor education research at Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations. “Don’t measure it against the Starbucks Corporation — the Starbucks campaign is the exception.”

The Only Surprise About Plepler’s New Hit Show, by Julia Alexander, Puck

In one of the aforementioned conversations, I was told there were concerns among producers about Apple’s commitment to marketing its shows—to the point that at least one explored hiring outside marketing gurus on their own personal dime to ensure the show got proper support.

Now, I’m not sure if Black Bird received insufficient marketing—especially since marketing feels more targeted than ever—but concerns from producers line up with previous reports about Apple TV+. One executive told Insider earlier this year that Apple TV+ suffered from “disruptive, last-minute marketing planning for projects that have been in the works for months; sloppy press rollouts; landing pages for series that weren’t ready in time.” As a former studio executive and I spoke more about their frustrations, they noted the obvious irony. Apple, worth a staggering $2.6 trillion, is the world’s most innovative product and marketing company. It seemed strange that this competency had yet to make it to the content group.

On App Stores

Chinese Mac Apps Found Abusing App Store, by Stephen Warwick, iMore

The seven apps were discovered in various sections of the Mac App Store, and found by Kleber to be "abusive" un a number of ways. Kleber says they all use "command-and-control exploits in order to bypass Apple's review team and scrutiny. For example, an app could determine whether it was in Apple's review process, changing its UI so as not to fall foul of any App Store guidelines before unleashing popups asking for money on unsuspecting users.


Apple Stores Get New Diagnostic Tool For iPhones With Unexpected Restart Issues, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

When a customer with an iPhone 11 or newer indicates their device is unexpectedly restarting, Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers can run a new “System Stability” diagnostic tool, which will evaluate the device’s analytics logs to determine if multiple unexpected restarts have taken place over the previous 14 days.

Nomad Launches Limited Edition Gold Base One And Base One Max MagSafe Chargers For iPhone And Apple Watch, by Michael Potuck, 9to5Mac

Earlier this year Nomad launched two beautiful, high-end MagSafe chargers for iPhone and Apple Watch with the Base One and Base One Max in two finishes. Now Nomad has launched a limited edition Gold Base One and Base One Max as the latest variant of the collection.


Cut The Cutesy Errors, by Alex Chan

You need to think about how somebody will be feeling when something goes wrong. What seems fun and light-hearted in your office may read very differently when you’ve just ruined somebody’s day.

The Joy Of Programming, by Donald Raab, Medium

I am very passionate about Eclipse Collections, but it’s not because I was ever particularly interested in collection frameworks. It’s because by using Eclipse Collections I can teach a Java developer how to have real fun while programming in the Java programming language. I have met so many Java developers over the years who either became managers or quit programming altogether because the language seemed to beat the love of programming out of them.


Apple Plans To Delay Launch Of iPadOS 16 Update By About A Month, by Mark Gurman, Bloomberg

Apple Inc. expects to delay its next major iPad software update by about a month, taking the unusual step of not releasing it at the same time as the new iPhone software, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

Can Apple's Ops Team Handle This Fresh Crisis?, by Jonny Evans, Computerworld

In Greek mythology, Zeus punished Sisyphus for cheating death by forcing him to roll a huge boulder uphill for eternity. I suspect Apple’s operations teams feels similarly cursed. Not only have they had to adapt to the pandemic, but they had to mitigate the effect of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and must now do what they can to salvage affairs as the situation in Taiwan decays, which could be an existential threat to the company and its business.

iMessage And The Secret Service, by Jason Snell, Six Colors

"In short, I suspect they were prohibited from using any iCloud service because iCloud isn’t FedRAMP certified for security, and when they wiped the device to set them up with the new MDM service, they could not restore even a local on-disk backup, because those backups would’ve stored the supervision identity and the MDM enrollment from the previous MDM service."

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Apple neet to put in a good amount of manpower effort into maintaining and evolving the Mac App Store: not just reviewers but also evangelist that have real power to make decisions and make meaningful changes to the platform.

Not that the iPhone and iPad App Stores are perfect, but the Mac App Store is really bad.


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