The Fine-For-Casual Edition Sunday, August 14, 2022

Apple And Samsung Smartwatches Need More Buttons If They Want More Athletes, by Victoria Song, The Verge

For better or worse, Apple and Samsung have relied on touchscreen navigation on their smartwatches. That’s fine for casual exercise, or for the average person who isn’t traversing all sorts of terrain with extreme temperatures. It’s not going to cut it for the outdoor enthusiast both companies are aiming at with these “Pro” watches.

Apps Turning Restaurant Leftovers Into Cheap Meals Take Off In Asia, by Business Times

With a tantalising array of satay chicken, wok-fried mud crab and chilled tiger prawns, the dinner buffet at Singapore’s Grand Hyatt hotel typically sets diners back about US$70. Those on a tighter budget and with an eye on sustainability can fill a box for a 10th of that price.

Across Asia, tech startups are taking food otherwise destined for landfill and providing discounted meals through mobile phone apps.

Apple Remains Silent About Plans To Detect Known CSAM Stored In iCloud Photos, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

It has now been over a year since Apple announced plans for three new child safety features, including a system to detect known Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) images stored in iCloud Photos, an option to blur sexually explicit photos in the Messages app, and child exploitation resources for Siri. The latter two features are now available, but Apple remains silent about its plans for the CSAM detection feature.

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Speaking of buttons, I have mentioned this before, but I still do wish the iPhone has a hardware button to play/pause. Especially since iPhone is a widescreen iPod, after all.

All the non-iPod-touch iPods have this button, with the exception of one particular generation of the iPod nano and iPod shuffle, both of which was quickly corrected in the next version.

The final iteration of the iPod nano has the play/pause button right between the two volume buttons, which to my amateur design eyes, is perfect for the iPhone.

Of course, I am not expecting this button to appear in any future iPhones. We are lucky that Apple hasn't decided to remove any more buttons.


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