Thu, Jan 3, 2013
Richard Gaywood, TUAW
Now, to programmers who've done a lot of work with date and time handling (like me; I write airline flight systems for a living, which require a lot of heavy timezone math) "it's broken during something like the first week of the year" immediately suggests a moderately obscure problem related to the ISO week date. This is a slightly weird definition of the year that you get from many date manipulation libraries by specifying that you want the year as "YYYY", as opposed to the more common "yyyy".
Farhad Manjoo, Slate
Apple alone stood against the tide of netbooks. Apple’s brilliant insight was that despite netbooks’ popularity, nobody really wanted a netbook per se. Instead, Apple realized that people who were buying netbooks were looking for one of two things—they wanted full-fledged laptops that were very portable, or they wanted cheap machines that allowed them to easily surf the Web, use email and do other light computing tasks. Rather than building a single netbook that fit both these audiences poorly, Apple built two machines that were, each in its own way, much better than any netbook ever sold.
Connie Guglielmo, Forbes
Chris Hulbert, Splinter Software
Anyway, yes, there is a bit of anti-iOS sentiment there, you’ll be constantly teased about Obj-C’s strange syntax and other Apple quirks (maps?) no end… But on the other hand, there’s more iOS developers at Google than you’d think, and if you wanted to I think you could make a reasonable career out of it.
Will Google overtake Microsoft as one of the largest third-party Apple developers?
Terence Eden Has A Blog
...or do I just need new glasses?
"Demonstrate that the software works correctly when a new year rolls in" must now be one of the standard must-answer questions in Apple's QA testing.
Stuart Gripman, Macworld
Jay Nathan
Like the Apple TV remote, it takes time and effort to simplify communications to the core message.
Mario's Coding Blog
David Morgenstern, ZDNet
The single-day events are aimed at improving the skills of consultants supporting Macs in SOHO and SMB environments. The company said that the curriculum has been revamped to accommodate newbies and returning attendees.
Dan Frakes, Macworld
Lex Friedman, Macworld
Apple says that the fix is to wait until January 7, 2013—or manually turn Do Not Disturb on and off. To do so, visit the Settings app, find Do Not Disturb, and tap to switch the slider.
Do Not Disturb is activated when you see a little crescent moon up on the middle of the status bar at the top of your iPhone's screen.
Joe Mullin, Ars Technica
Gus Mueller, The Shape Of Everything