MyAppleMenu - Sat, Mar 7, 2015

Sat, Mar 7, 2015 The Weekend-Before-the-Event Edition

A Dashboard for My Apartment

Shawn M Moore,

I originally bought my iPad back when tablets were becoming a fad. I had expected to use it for everything from reading ebooks to playing elaborate new games. But no, it has been sitting idle, collecting dust, for years. Even the promise of a shared, coffee-table web browser has fallen flat. Whenever there's a task to be done, I instead reach for my laptop or my phone. After all, as phones get larger and more capable, and laptops get lighter and extend their battery life, the sweet spot that tablets offer gets squeezed out from both above and below. So for the past year or so, my usage has been limited to ordering food online with friends, passing the iPad down the couch. But now I've finally figured out the perfect job for it. I've mounted it right next to my front door. My previously-unused iPad now serves as a dashboard and control panel for my apartment.

You Can Stop Lying About Your Age

Apple, Facebook, Comcast, and Hundreds of Others Ask Supreme Court for Nationwide Marriage Equality

Nathan Ingraham, The Verge:

A host of the biggest companies in the world, including Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and 374 others have banded together to file an amicus brief in the US Supreme Court stating that all couples should share the right to marry. The brief, which was filed today by law firm Morgan Lewis, actually makes a business case for legalizing same-sex marriage across the country. It claims that the currently muddled and confusing legal landscape surrounding same-sex marriage "places significant burdens on employers and their employees — making it increasingly hard to conduct business."


Building Steak or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Lock Screen

Max Child, Volley:

There are two cardinal sins for notification actions with completion handlers. The first is not calling them (the app will get angry and start ignoring you), and the second, which is much more insidious, is calling them before whatever you wanted to do is done.

Did You Buy My App?

The Man behind the Apple Watch

Nick Foulkes, Financial Times:

Ive is arguably the most influential designer in the world, and yet he does that slightly disingenuous self-effacement thing characteristic of confident people who say they are just part of a team. There is a gentleness about him. He talks quietly and articulately in an accent unaffected by two decades in America. Even when he describes those who copy Apple as little better than thieves, it is with a smile and softness of tone that suggests he would far rather the unpleasant subject had never been brought up.


Parting Words

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