MyAppleMenu - Mon, Mar 9, 2015

Mon, Mar 9, 2015 The Springing-Forward-Soon Edition

I am not going to stay up late at 1 am local time to watch the Apple Watch event today. But if your timezone is more favorable to your physcial and mental health, you can follow the event at the following:

Of course, the online Apple Store is now closed.


These are what Apple introduced during the "Spring Forward" event:

One Can Hope

Something that I do wonder about that I don't think will be answered by Apple during the event: will we see other devices using the Apple Watch OS? Like a pocketwatch, or an iPod?

On The Scene

I'm a 12-Year-Old Girl. Why Don't the Characters in My Apps Look Like Me?

Madeline Messer, Washington Post:

For a 12-year-old girl, playing games on an iPhone is pretty regular behavior. Almost all of my friends have game apps on their phones, and we’ll spend sleepovers playing side by side. One day I noticed that my friend was playing a game as a boy character and asked why she wasn’t a girl. She said you couldn’t be a girl; a boy character was the only option.

Lastronaut: A Love Letter

Darrin Henein, Medium:

This game is my love-letter to an industry, my way of saying “thanks” to the makers and players of games that have continually entertained and inspired me. I want nothing to stand between it and the kids (and adults!) who may want to play it. There are no ads and no in-app purchases. It is not a blockbuster 3D adventure with a huge budget and large team behind it; but it is a hand-crafted experience built with passion by myself and a good friend. Every pixel, animation, and note of music you hear is the result of 2 years of hard work.

My iPad Week

Ben Brooks:

The iPad wasn’t a panacea for me, but it is more than capable as my only work machine. I expected to have a more firm stance, but both a Mac or iPad have compelling reasons to use them.

Why Everyone From Beethoven, Goethe, Dickens, Darwin To Steve Jobs Took Long Walks and Why You Should Too

Andrew Tate, Canva Blog:

Not only will it make you more creative, it will help you get those ideas over to your colleagues better and allow you to fit more into your day. All while helping you not to die early. Fantastic.



America Needs Its Own Emojis

Damon Darlin, New York Times:

Or I should say that the vocabulary offered by the 722 symbols — faces, animals and various objects — that reside on my smartphone was too limited. The set of emojis that came with my iPhone have birds, seven of them, some very cute, but no hippos and no ewes. It has rams (those are male sheep for readers who know little about animal husbandry), a hog, a cow and even dragons, but no ewes.

There is a simple reason that joke doesn’t translate into emojis. It is not Japanese. And emojis are.


Apple will fund a 25 percent increase in hourly pay for its shuttle bus drivers, who are employed by contractors including Compass Transportation and Royal Coach Tours, a company spokeswoman told this newspaper. In addition, drivers who work the split shift -- which requires them to drive routes in the morning and evening -- will earn a higher hourly wage to make up for the downtime, the spokeswoman said.

Parting Words

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