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Wed, Mar 11, 2015 The Lame-Joke Edition

What does a liberal arts graudate say to a science graduate?
"Do you want kale with that?"

Apple Commits More Than $50 Million to Diversity Efforts

Michael Lev-Ram, Fortune:

Apple’s human resources chief Denise Young Smith said the company is partnering with several non-profit organizations on a multi-year, multi-million-dollar effort to increase the pipeline of women, minorities, and veterans in the technology industry—and, of course, at Apple.


Apple's Cook Agrees with Jackson: Diversity Still Elusive (Jon Swartz, USA Today)

"We urge you to put more people of color in top management ... and look like America," Jackson said in a statement during the 75-minute meeting.

Cook readily agreed. "Our diversity is increasing ... and I want it to be better — it will get better," Cook said. "This does not happen overnight. The recruiting process takes time. But rest assured: We get it."

Tim Cook: 2014 Was an Unbelievable Year (Associated Press)

Apple CEO Tim Cook took a figurative victory lap at his company's annual shareholder meeting, one day after he announced details about the new smartwatch Apple plans to start selling next month.

Apple's New ResearchKit: 'Ethics Quagmire' or Medical Research Aid?

Arielle Duhaime-Ross, The Verge:

The research apps are easy to download, and the Apple audience is very large; both are advantages for recruitment. But those things can also be ethical liabilities: both Apple and ResearchKit researchers will have to make extra efforts to ensure that participants are eligible for studies, that they are knowledgeable about the risks, and that their data is secure.

Hands On: Forest (iOS)

Amber Neely, MacNN:

If you're looking for a way to ween yourself off the addicting glow of your magical entertainment device, Forest is a great way to keep your phone on your desk and out of your hands.


Xcode Compromised

Craig Hockenberry,

There’s a very good chance that Xcode has been compromised.

The article refers to “Xcode” generically, but as we all know, there are a lot of pieces to this puzzle: I’m going to examine a few of them below. It’s your job to think about how these things might affect your own products.

Apple Gets Sweet Deals From Mall Operators

Suzanne Kapner, Wall Street Journa:

Apple Inc.’s huge gravitational pull on mall traffic is distorting the market for mall rents, winning the iPhone maker sweetheart deals and putting upward pressure on other tenants’ leases.

The Economy of Weirdness

Katja Grace, Meteuphoric:

It is often said that you should spend your weirdness budget wisely. You should wear a gender-appropriate suit, and follow culture-appropriate sports, and use good grammar, and be non-specifically spiritual, and support moderate policies, and not have any tattoos around either of your eyes. And then on the odd occasion, when it happens to come up, you should gather up your entire weirdness budget and make a short, impassioned speech in favor of invertebrate equality. Or whatever you think is the very most effective use of weirdness. In short: you only get so much weirdness, so don’t use it up dressing like a clown or popularizing alternative sleep schedules.

While I agree the oddball activist will often get less airtime than her unassuming analog, and that weirdness is often a cost, the issue seems more complex. Let us better explore weirdness budgeting.

Margaret Hamilton