MyAppleMenu - Sat, Mar 14, 2015

Sat, Mar 14, 2015 The 3.14 Edition

Evil Mad Scientist: With a little help from a square springform pan, you too can have an Apple apple pie for dessert!

Steve Strogatz, New Yorker: Why Pi Matters

Video Games Are Better without Characters

Ian Bogost, The Atlantic:

It’s not really a simulation, despite its name, nor is it an educational game. Nobody would want a SimCity expert running their town’s urban planning office. But the game got us all to think about the relationships that make a city run, succeed, and decay, and in so doing to rise above our individual interests, even if only for a moment.

This was a radical way of thinking about video games: as non-fictions about complex systems bigger than ourselves. It changed games forever—or it could have, had players and developers not later abandoned modeling systems at all scales in favor of representing embodied, human identities.

Photo: Simcity 4 Dense Downtown by haljackey (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Good Design Is Honest

Giovanni Donelli, Astropad:

A product perceived as honest will show respect for its buyer. It will create a sense of trust, which is one of the most valuable intangibles we can find in a product.


What I've Learned so Far about Software Development

Landon Noss, Medium:

Never assume your code is finished. Remember; code mutates. Mutation happens with or without direct influence. Document it, and make the mutations simple as you can, but no simpler. Don’t be a dick. Try to teach others about your decisions for each mutation.

Data and Goliath: Bruce Schneier on the Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World

Democracy Now:

While the leaks of Edward Snowden have shed light on the National Security Agency’s surveillance practices, less attention has been paid to other forms of everyday surveillance — license plate readers, facial recognition software, GPS tracking, cellphone metadata and data mining.


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