MyAppleMenu - Fri, Mar 20, 2015

Fri, Mar 20, 2015 The Can't-tell-You-Anything Edition

The Inside Story of How Apple's New Medical Research Platform Was Born

Daniela Hernandez, Fusion:

After Friend’s talk, O’Reilly approached the doctor, and, in typical tight-lipped Apple fashion, said: “I can’t tell you where I work, and I can’t tell you what I do, but I need to talk to you,” Friend recalls. Friend was intrigued, and agreed to meet for coffee.

Apple Has a Lady Problem: The New Version of HealthKit Still Doesn't Track Periods

Kashmir Hill, Fusion:

Last night, Apple pushed out iOS 8.2 to my iPhone, an update to its operating system. The blurb for the update promised “improvements to the Health app.” Finally, I thought. When HealthKit was first introduced last year, it came under criticism for not taking women’s health needs into consideration. The Apple app tracks an amazing assortment of possible health indicators: sleep, body mass index, number of times fallen, “electrodermal activity,” sleep, weight, sodium intake, copper intake, and even selenium intake. But it didn’t track the one thing most women want to track: their periods.

However, I was in for a disappointment. After I updated my iPhone last night and fired up the Health app, I found there were only two changes. “Biological sex” had been changed to “Sex.” And there was just one addition to the suite of tracking tools; it wasn’t “Menstruation,” it was “Workouts.” Seriously, Apple? What is the matter with you?

Why is tracking of periods important? Continue reading Kashmir Hill's article to find out.

OmniOutliner 2.3 for iOS Review: The Best Outlining App Goes Universal

Jeff Carlson, Macworld:

Version 2 added iOS 8 polish and a lot more power, and version 2.3 extends the productivity to your iPhone too.

Channel Surfing May Fix Your iMac Wi-Fi Woes

Dan Moren, Six Colors:

Lots of folks have reported Wi-Fi problems on the Mac under Mavericks and Yosemite, so unsurprisingly there were a lot of results. Among the first was an Apple discussion board thread where one person suffering from a problem that sounded very similar to my own reported that “changing my 5GHz channel from 36 to 48 on my Airport Extreme DOES seem to have resolved the issue.”

April Is Coming


If you're self-motivated and just need help logging or remembering what exercise you've done recently, this is a perfect app to keep on hand.


5 Extremely Private Things Your iPhone Knows About You

Sara Boboltz, Huffington Post:

The Huffington Post spoke with some legal experts about Apple's iOS 8.1 software license agreement and iOS 8 privacy policy -- the most current versions of these docs available online -- to figure out what information we give up when we use iOS devices.

Apple's Haptic Tech Makes Way for Tomorrow's Touchable UIs

Kyle Vanhemert, Wired:

This phantom click is but one trick the haptic trackpad might be able to achieve. A recent update to iMovie shows Apple already is experimenting with others. These haptic flourishes are a hint of what’s to come: A future where we feel interfaces with our fingers—not just on desktop trackpads but on smartphones as well.

Why Do We Call a Dongle a Dongle?

Katy Waldman, Slate:

We are all adults, so I am sure nobody is already giggling at the headline to this post. Right? Oh, come on. Control yourself! Dongle is a useful word with a fascinating history, and … OK, OK. I’ll wait.



Who is 'Spanish Laughing Man' and what is he really talking about?


I wonder how much of Steve Jobs' refusal to accept Tim Cook's offer of liver transplant has to do with not wanting people saying Tim Cook became the CEO because of the offer.

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