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Tue, Mar 24, 2015 The Smoking-Fast Edition

Holy Smoke! The New MacBook Pro Literally Is Twice as Fast

Lucas Mearian, Computerworld:

Apple's proprietary Samsung-made PCIe 3.0 flash card in the 2015 MacBook Pro went from a PCIe 2.0 x2 (or two I/O lanes) in the previous model to a PCIe 3.0 x4 (four I/O lanes). "Double the lanes, double the speed," said Gregory Wong, an analyst with Forward Insights.

Hands-On: Instagram's New Layout Collage App for iOS Is Quick and Easy, but Lacks That 'Wow' Factor

Jackie Dove, The Next Web:

As it stands, Instagram took the time to construct an easy, quick and intuitive tool, piling most options into the front end of the process and providing ample revision opportunities.




Critical Sharks Part IV: Fear of Apple

Eli Schiff:

There is an unfortunate climate of fear in the software community today. It is primarily in ephemeral video interviews and podcasts that we get any semblance of coherent criticism and even then it is reticent. Worse than the fact that this criticism is relegated to verbal discussions is that it is later renounced by the very same designers and developers when they are interviewed in the more permanent-seeming medium of the written word. In written interviews, these fair-weather critics go on to reverse their opinions and praise the products of modern minimalist UI design because it is more convenient not to risk questioning powerful industry leaders.

The War Over Who Steve Jobs Was

Steven Levy, Medium:

Instead, the complaint is that Isaacson over-emphasized Jobs’s unattractive qualities and failed to present a rounded picture that corresponded with the reality of those closest to him. Schlender and Tetzeli attempt to remedy that in two ways. First, they give plenty of room for people on the wrong side of Jobs’s bad behavior to contextualize it. Second, they present a contrast between the young Jobs, whose misdeeds often arose from a self-indulgence or a flailing indecisiveness, and the mature Jobs, who not only channeled his energies more successfully, but was able to develop rewarding adult relationships.

Why All of That Instagram Food Porn Is Shot From Above

Edith Young, Vice:

The “god’s eye view” of a tablescape is old hat for a reason: employing this angle is the easiest way to get a not-half-bad iPhone snapshot. By raising your elbows to a higher altitude than usual or squatting above your seat during mealtime, you gain leverage over the food arena, create an allusion of flatness with your dominating perspective, and voilà—you’ve transformed your lunch into food porn.



How many people, I wonder, will be buying the new MacBook without the USB-C-to-regular-USB adapter? My guess, not too many. (Similarly, if you check the attics or the junk drawers of people who bought the original bondi-blue iMac, you are likely to find an external floppy drive or two.)

So why doesn't Apple simply include an adapter in the box? Probably because sometimes Apple do want to nickel-and-dime its customers simply to make a point about the product's purpose in life.

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