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Thu, Apr 23, 2015The Relevant-And-Personal Edition

The Watch Era

"I think that we're on a path that Apple was determined to be on since the Seventies, which was to try and make technology relevant and personal. If people struggle to use the technology then we have failed," said Ive. "The consequences of that path? I don't know. Sadly so much of our manufactured environment testifies to carelessness - something that was built to a price point or a schedule. The products that we have developed describe who made them. I hope that people will like the watch and find it a beautiful item."

In further evidence of the smartwatch’s positioning as a fashion accessory, as opposed to a tech gadget, while the product may not be in Apple stores to purchase on its official release day of Friday, select destination fashion boutiques around the world have their own stock, and will be offering the watch for sale at the end of the week.

Still The Digital Hub

As with any complex app, one user’s bloat is another user’s favorite feature. Perhaps people need to simply let go of these complaints and understand that Apple did not write iTunes for them, but for hundreds of millions of people. To become more comfortable with iTunes, therefore, may require learning a bit more about how it works in order to master those features you use every day and ignore those you don’t.


The new Lightroom CC does add some new features, such as built-in HDR and panorama merge tools, facial recognition, a filter brush, and an improved slideshow builder. But more interesting is performance: Lightroom CC takes advantage of your computer’s graphics hardware to speed up the app in some welcome areas.


This article discusses the methods I used to start learning Swift with zero prior programming knowledge (aside from basic HTML/CSS). The exact order of the steps isn’t set in stone; it’s just the order I did them in and I'm thrilled with my progress so far.


I wish orientation lock had 3 states: 1. On 2. On except for fullscreen video. 3. Off

— Youssef Sarhan (@YS) April 22, 2015

There's a bug in Apple's iOS 8 that allows nearby attackers to send apps—and in some cases the iPhone or iPad they run on—into an endless reboot cycle that temporarily renders the devices useless, according to researchers who demonstrated the attack Tuesday.

More Watch Follow Up

Apple’s approach is more conservative energy-wise in both “on” and “off” states. Google’s leaves something informative on screen at all times.

Parting Words

The usual reliably practical advice from my local library

— Lissa Johnston (@trying2write) April 21, 2015

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