MyAppleMenu - Sun, May 3, 2015

Sun, May 3, 2015The Designing-For-Tired-Arms Edition

The Watch

@gruber For all the people who thought your flirting-with-the-heatbeat-sensor story was dumb:

— CGP Grey (@cgpgrey) May 2, 2015

Me, earlier: “Off to see Age of Ultron. And my ticket… IS ON MY WATCH!” Wife: “Of course it is.” [eye roll]

— Moltz (@Moltz) May 3, 2015

Distractions, by Matt Gemmell

The most life-changing features of the Apple Watch are that the screen is tiny, and you can’t type on it. It’s flexibility lies in the need to use it one-handed. It’s design triumph is that your arm gets tired after you’ve held it up for a minute or so.

Apple Watch: A Runner's Review, by Gareth Beavis, TechRadar

Driving With The Apple Watch, by Josh Centers, TidBITS

Photos In The Cloud

All-Time Greatest Album, by Casey Newton, The Verge

Google+ remains my favorite free option, because most photos look great at 2048 pixels and Google will let you store as many of those pictures as you want with them. Its automated GIFs and photo albums remain unique years after their launch, and they make browsing old photos fun in a way most services can’t match. Best of all, there are rumors that Google will finally spin photos back off into a separate product this year — and the foundation the company has laid with Google+ should make it a great solution.

For a paid option, I cautiously recommend Picturelife. Incredibly, it’s the only one of the services here that reliably imports photos from the many social networks I post to, giving me a single inbox for my pictures. Internet giants want to pretend that no other companies exist, but as long as I’m being randomly tagged in friends’ photos on Facebook and posting strange screenshots to Twitter, I need a place that organizes it. And I’m happy to pay Picturelife to do it.


Embarrassing Code I Wrote Under Stress At A Job Interview, by lawrence, Smash Company


How Lego Became The Apple Of Toys, by Jonathan Ringen, Fast Company

To Keep A Boeing Dreamliner Flying, Reboot Once Every 248 Days, by Edgar Alvarez, Engadget

Parting Words

A neighborhood kid who's leaving for college just gave my four year old all his old Toy Story toys. #meta

— David Friedman (@ironicsans) May 2, 2015

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