MyAppleMenu - Sun, May 10, 2015

Sun, May 10, 2015The Erotic-Music Edition

Hashtag O.M.G.

Oh my god, dictation on the Watch turns everything after the word "hashtag" into… a hashtag

— Neven Mrgan (@mrgan) May 10, 2015


Review: Adobe’s Lightroom CC + 6 Let Photographers Transition From Aperture, Gain New Editing Tools, by Jeremy Horwitz, 9to5Mac

Below, I’m going to focus on the key questions Aperture users have been asking: what it’s like to transition from Aperture to Lightroom, which version of Lightroom to buy, and whether transitioning is a good (and safe) idea. The answers may surprise you…

Review: Alsoft DiskWarrior 5.0 (OS X), by Charles Martin, MacNN

We remain convinced of its long-term value, and were particularly impressed with its performance on SSD-based Macs. If you tend to work your computer hard, we think DiskWarrior is ultimately worth the money.


Apple Blocks French Classical Music Station's App After Erotic Broadcast, by RFI

Apple has dropped the app of French state broadcaster France Musique, apparently because of a programme about the erotic in music. Outraged French media have accused the California-based technology giant of censorship.

Parting Words

When they make a movie of my life, I hope there's no record scratch halfway through the trailer. Please no record scratch

— MKupperman (@MKupperman) May 10, 2015

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