MyAppleMenu - Tue, May 19, 2015

Tue, May 19, 2015The Bring-The-Price-Down Edition

New Macs

Apple Releases Cheaper Retina iMac And 15-inch MacBook Pro With Force Touch, by Rich McCormick and Jacob Kastrenakes, The Verge

Apple is starting to bring the price down on its 5K Retina iMac, releasing a new version today that sells for $1,999 and lowering the cost of its high-end model down to $2,299.

Apple is also releasing new models of the 15-inch MacBook Pro that include a Force Touch trackpad. Apple says that these models have up to an additional hour of battery life, faster storage, and up to 80 percent faster graphics — though that final item is thanks to a new discrete GPU that only ships on the high-end model.

Old School

The Click Wheel Keyboard Makes It Impossible To Type On Your iPhone, by Dante D'Orazio, The Verge

Do you pine for a simpler time, when your phone was for phone calls, your iPod was for music, and watches were... well, watches? If so, have I got the app for you. Just in time for your weekly dose of nostalgia, developer Adam Bell has released his groundbreaking (and free) Click Wheel keyboard on the App Store.


Mac Redundancies Lets Users Be More Productive, by Bob LeVitus, Houston Chronicle

Now that you've seen how OS X offers myriad ways to accomplish a task, start thinking of ways you can take advantage of these redundancies to become more productive.

Writing Screenplays With Highland, by Michael E. Cohen, TidBITS

As writing tools go, Highland is a one-trick pony. But it is a friendly and engaging pony and, if you have the urge to dabble in screenwriting, it’s one worth taking for a ride.

Jumpstart Your Creative Writing With Haven For Mac, by Peter Cohen, iMore

Pitched as "a creative writing tool," Haven offers a meditative and immersive environment to help your ideas flourish. It gives you inspiration and insight when you need them and gets out of your way when you don't.

Postbox 4.0.1, by Agen G. N. Schmitz, TidBITS

Postbox improves the Focus Pane with the addition of more attributes and the capability to simultaneously select multiple attributes, topics, contacts, and/or dates.

Music Streamer Is A Smart, New App That Makes Local Music Streaming Easier Than Ever, by Joe White, AppAdvice

Fix Your Mac’s Network Name Getting (2) Appended To It, by Topher Kessler, MacIssues


How We Made Our First iPhone App With Zero Budget, by Michael Dolejš, Medium

How A $2.99 Recipe App Became A Top 2 Paid App In The App Store, by Andreas Kambanis, Medium

File Coordination Fixed!, by Tom Harrington, The Atomic Bird House

Switch Statement Matching, by David Owens II


Safari Exploit Allows Attackers To Spoof URLs, by Evan Killham, Cult of Mac

Tech Giants Urge Obama To Resist ‘Backdoors’ Into Encrypted Communications, by Ellen Nakashima, Washington Post

Tech behemoths including Apple and Google and leading cryptologists are urging President Obama to reject any government proposal that alters the security of smartphones and other communications devices so that law enforcement can view decrypted data.

“Strong encryption is the cornerstone of the modern information economy’s security,” said the letter, signed by more than 140 tech companies, prominent technologists and civil society groups.

Rumor: Apple Readies First Significant Apple Watch Updates, ’TVKit’ SDK For Apple TV, by Mark Gurman, 9to5Mac

Hanging Up My Virtual Pen, by Ted Landau

To any of you who have followed my work, this should not be a surprise. In fact, some of you may feel this announcement is more than a bit anti-climactic. I’ve been flirting with retirement for the past two years, gradually diminishing my published out — even giving a “retirement” session at Macworld/iWorld last year. For the past year, the only paid writing I did was a small number of articles for Macworld. A few weeks ago, I “gave notice” and told the folks at Macworld that I was done. That made it official — and made it real to me in a way that it had not been before.

Apple Gets Partial Win On Appeal In Samsung Patent Case, by Andrew Chung and Julia Love, Reuters

Although the opinion was mixed, it tilts strongly in Apple’s favor, upholding the bulk of its damages award and reinforcing the principles of design that the company sued to advance, said Brian Love, an assistant professor of law at the University of Santa Clara.

Will Apple Inc.'s Tiny Ad Business Ever Grow Up?, by Leo Sun,

For iAd to become more appealing to advertisers, Apple must aggressively gather more user data. Yet that strategy contradicts CEO Tim Cook's thoughts on the company's future.

Rumor: Behind Apple’s Move To Shelve TV Plans, by Daisuke Wakabayashi, Wall Street Journal

Ultimately, though, Apple executives didn’t consider any of those features compelling enough to enter the highly competitive television market.

Apple experimented with a TV that became transparent when turned off. I bet it is also lickable when turned on.


Malcolm X: The press is so powerful in its image-making role, it can make the criminal look like he's the victim and make the victim look like he's the criminal.


Yes, I Want Your Goddamn AOL CDs, by Jason Scott

You see, there wasn’t “a” AOL CD that went out. There were so many variations, containing so many different add-ons and wrap-ins, that they became time capsules in themselves. So yeah. I want them.

Parting Words

Please stop saying “if you read one thing today”. I have NEVER had a day when I read just one thing. You insult me.

— Anna Spargo-Ryan (@annaspargoryan) May 19, 2015

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