MyAppleMenu - Sun, Jun 7, 2015

Sun, Jun 7, 2015The Pre-WWDC-Weekend Edition


Using The Ecobee3 Wi-Fi Thermostat With Your iPad, by Georgia, iMore

Controlling the Ecobee3 with your iPad isn't as convenient as controlling it with your iPhone or Apple Watch, but it can be even more powerful!

Spacebars Malfunctioning On New 12-Inch MacBooks, by Topher Kessler, MacIssues

Despite this, affected space bars will usually work when pressed in the center. This along with additional pressure activating the key suggests the issue is a mechanical one, meaning that it cannot be addressed by a software or firmware update.


How I Killed App Sales By Going Freemium, by Shuveb Hussain, Medium

The learning I now have is that freemium can certainly drive better downloads. But each app is different. Some app ideas simply don't lend themselves to a freemium model, financially speaking.

Is This Where Windows NT Was Created?

— Sam Thonis (@SamThonis) June 6, 2015


Tweaking Tweetbot, by Dr. Drang, And Now It's All This

Am I surprised that young designers who haven’t suffered the ravages of presbyopia tend to have lots of closely spaced options at the small end of the scale and only big jumps at the large end? Of course not. But their time is coming, and when they can no longer read 12-point text comfortably, I’ll be laughing so loud my nurse will have to come in and sedate me.

Me too.

Why Has Apple Spawned So Few Startups?, by Julia Love, San Jose Mercury News

The tech industry's most influential company imparts powerful lessons -- with an emphasis on design and the customer experience that have bolstered its own phenomenal success and enhanced the prospects of some of its progeny. But it also seems to hobble the future opportunities for others, leading to this odd but undeniable fact: Apple, a seeming hotbed of creativity, has spawned surprisingly few high-profile startups.

Parting Words

What happens when you type #PRIDE into a new Google spreadsheet! h/t @ChristineCassis

— Victor Ng (@victomato) June 5, 2015

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