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Sun, Jun 14, 2015The Large-Chandeliers Edition

Working With ResearchKit

MyHeart Counts Shows That Smartphones Are Catching On As New Research Tool, by Tracie White, Scope

McConnell says that the next phase of the project, which will use behavior-modification methods to encourage healthy behaviors, is about to be launched. App users will be given more personalized feedback about their individual behaviors and risk, based on the American Heart Association’s Life’s Simple 7 guidance. Future tips will include messages on everything from how to manage blood pressure, eat better, lose weight and control blood sugar. Part of the study is to determine whether these type of “pings” used through apps are actually successful at changing human behavior, McConnell told me.

Apple's Bank Vault

First Look Inside The "Intimate" New Apple Store On The Upper East Side, by Clay Williams, Gothamist

The Upper East Side's new Apple store knows where it stands with the public. It strives to be as inconspicuous as possible, to humbly pay tribute to tradition. And everyone we spoke with outside the store on Thursday seem to think it succeeds.

Apple SVP Retail/Online Angela Ahrendts Opens Stunning Upper East Side Apple Store, by Seth Weintraub, 9to5Mac

The decor and showcasing is unique to this location with a new kind of recessed showcase, large chandeliers and black and white artwork.


The New MacBook Is My Dream Machine And I Don’t Care About The Compromises, by Owen Williams, The Next Web

Apple has finally delivered my dream machine with the new MacBook, for $1,299. It’s so close to perfect that it’s worth thinking about, even if it means getting a first generation product that forces you to make a few compromises.

Apple Launches Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless Earphones In Apple Watch Sport Band Colors, by Eric Slivka, MacRumors

Be A VJ With The iTunes Visualizer, by Alexandre Leroux, TidBITS

There’s an underused gem of creative software installed on hundreds of millions of computers worldwide: iTunes. Yes, that’s right, iTunes. You may have thought it was just a media player, or perhaps a management utility for your iOS devices, but it has a little-used visualizer that can enable anyone to create stunning animations.

Pandora Radio App Gets New Design For iPad, by iClarified

GIFs Is A Mac App For Finding The Best Animated Encapsulation Of Your Current Emotion, by Darrell Etherington, TechCrunch


A Brief History Of Deep Linking, by Chris Maddern, TechCrunch

Deep linking has become one of the hottest topics in mobile over the past year as dozens of startups have launched around using, improving and discovering deep links. All of the big platform companies also have projects to own “the deep linking standard” or the search index for mobile. So, what are deep links and where did they come from?


“Did I look at my phone because I was miserable? Or was I miserable because I looked at my phone?”

— Ryan Freitas (@ryanchris) June 13, 2015


Apple will have to update its line of iPod nano and shuffle to work with Apple Music, right?

Parting Words

Even death is no excuse to stop marketing your book.

— Chris McCrudden (@cmccrudden) June 13, 2015

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