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Fri, Jun 19, 2015The Elephant-Never-Forgets Edition

The Stuff We Do Stream

Why You Won’t Be Able To Stream Everything From The iTunes Store With Apple Music, by Kirk McElhearn

Apple should bear the costs of marketing this service.

Taylor Swift’s “1989” Will Not Be On Apple Music, by Reggie Ugwu, BuzzFeed

Only Swift’s back catalog, which is currently available on many streaming services that require users to pay for a subscription — including Rdio and Tidal — will be found on Apple Music, the Big Machine rep said.

Apple Music Shouldn't Steal Artist Royalties, by Joe Wilcox, BetaNews

They say in marketing that even bad publicity is good -- long term. But when the rich guy fleeces your pocket for pennies to add to his C-Notes, you will remember. They say an elephant never forgets; neither does the artist robbed of his creation.

Music Streaming For The Rest Of Us, by Petzold Book Blog

I would love to say that these new products sound like they're going to be really great. But for those of us who still perversely prefer classical music to pop, these new services seem hopelessly mired in the same flaws that have plagued computer-based music distribution since its beginning.


Working With Lists And Equations On Microsoft OneNote For iOS Should Now Be Easier, by Aldrin Calimlim, AppAdvice

Working with lists has been made more finger-friendly on OneNote for iPhone. In particular, checkboxes have been enlarged to make checking list items easier, and checking an item now moves it accordingly to the Completed section of the list.

BuzzFeed Takes On NYT Now With New Trending News App For iPhone, by Aldrin Calimlim, AppAdvice

Like NYT Now, BuzzFeed News presents a simple stream of the most important and interesting stories of the moment, most of which come from the app’s eponymous news site while others come from other sources from around the Web.

Ello's Ad-Free Social Network Comes To The iPhone, by Nicole Lee, Engadget

Default Folder X 4.7.2 Fixes Yosemite File Dialogs, Addresses Bugs, by MacTech

New Moleskine Timepage App For iPhone Is About Beauty And Brains. We Like That Combo., by Cool Mom Tech

LibreOffice Now Available On Apple's Mac App Store, by Swapnil Bhartiya, ITWorld

You can get LibreOffice on OSX with automatic updates, long-term maintenance, and optional professional support, for the first time.

Turn Your iOS Devices 'Inside Out' With These New Apps From Disney, by Aldrin Calimlim, AppAdvice

“Inside Out,” the latest computer animated film from Disney and Pixar, comes out in theaters today. And Disney has not one, not two, but three iOS apps that tie in with the movie.

Ask The iTunes Guy: Missing Audio Files, Classical Music, And .M4a Files, by Kirk McElhearn, Macworld

You’ve got some music files on your Mac, and they all look alike in the Finder. If you want to find which ones are AAC files and which are Apple Lossless, what do you do? Well, I’ve got the answer. I also discuss the Case of the Missing Audio Files, and look at some possible ways to view classical music in iTunes.


Apple Has Published A Great Free Learn To Code Course For Swift — on GitHub, by John Weatherford, Medium

Big Versus Small: Xcode, by

I have all those amazing toys now, but I still build software with text. What bothers me is that despite slightly improved auto completion, I cannot recall any enhancments to text editing. Refactoring doesn't work, there's no code generation or support for more test driven workflow.

Microblogging With WordPress, by Manton Reece

I wrote at a high level how I improved my microblogging workflow before WWDC, but I’d like to use this post to show the surrounding details. I hope it’s useful to other folks who want to control their own content.

Reading The News

Again, the problem is Apple.

— Marko Karppinen (@markonen) June 18, 2015


Twitter Is Killing Twitter To Save Twitter, by David Pierce, Wired

If Twitter does this right, Lightning will make Twitter more accessible, simpler, and friendlier. And it’ll work precisely because it dispenses with everything we currently know about Twitter.

We Talked To The CEO Who Some People Think Owns The One Thing Twitter Needs Most, by Jim Edwards, Business Insider

So Nuzzel takes that feed (and feeds from Facebook and other social media) and only shows you the news stories your friends are sharing. The result is amazingly interesting, and requires zero effort: You get a feed of headlines that feel much closer and more relevant to what you're interested in, because they're being tweeted or shared by friends, family, and coworkers. Nuzzel's friends-of-friends feed is often even more interesting because it surfaces stuff from further afield, stuff you didn't even know was news but is buzzing on the outer edge of your social sphere.


The rumor-mill is claiming that there will be a video camera on the next version of Apple Watch. You know, just like Google Glass. Except on your wrist. Unlike your head, your wrist can face any which way. You know, like facing up somebody's skirt.

Not a good idea.

Parting Words

Well. That's not a good sign.

— Eric Heisserer (@HIGHzurrer) June 19, 2015

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