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Sat, Jun 20, 2015The Chewing-Through-Cellular-Data Edition

To Stream Or Not To Stream

Apple Denies Allegations Of Thuggish Treatment Of Musicians, by Kory Grow, Rolling Stone

Despite reports to the contrary, an Apple representative tells Rolling Stone that the company is not threatening to remove music from its iTunes Store by artists who do not sign up for its new streaming service Apple Music. "It will not be taken off," a spokesperson for the company says.

How Apple Music May Literally Change The Way Songs Sound, by Matthew Trammell, The Fader

Although not mandatory, the Mastered for iTunes guidelines may be all but unavoidable for engineers and artists who hope to engage with Apple Music as the platform becomes the primary means of music playback on Apple devices.

To Sync Or Not To Sync

More Problems With iCloud Photo Library Uploads, by Adam C. Engst, TidBITS

This is shockingly poor design on Apple’s part, and I hope to see it fixed in iOS 9. The entire point of iCloud Photo Library is to transfer huge quantities of image data, and it’s disrespectful for Apple not to provide a switch to prevent iCloud Photo Library from chewing through cellular data.


Apple Only Sells Retina iOS Devices Now, by Jacob Kastrenakes, The Verge

Apple has stopped selling the original iPad mini, removing the particularly old hardware from its iPad lineup and standardizing the remaining models around Retina displays and 64-bit processors.

Travel App Spot Wants To Curate Your Next Vacation, by Pavithra Mohan, Fast Company

A slew of apps and services have attempted to cash in on the $4.5 trillion travel and tourism industry. Dissatisfied with the fare, Luke Groesbeck—cofounder of a Y Combinator-backed startup—decided to try his hand at creating a discovery and planning app. Groesbeck thinks he has finally cracked the code with Spot, an app that wants to be your go-to for finding the "best places in the world."

15 Apps Guaranteed To Make Your Summer Vacation Easier -- And A Lot More Fun, by Terry Gardner, Los Angeles Times

Before you hop a plane, train or load up the car this summer, consider adding apps that can make your vacation a little easier or at least more fun.

Experienced And Honest

Totally right answer. Don't know why it was marked wrong. @msdevUK: Honest dev exam (via @imgur) #programmerhumor

— ElisabethHendrickson (@testobsessed) June 19, 2015

Remembering Pythagoras' Theorem

This is the most amazing illustration of Pythagoras' Theorem, ever.

— Justin Wolfers (@JustinWolfers) June 18, 2015


Apple Announces Replacement Program For 3TB Hard Drives In 2012 And 2013 iMacs, by Andrew Cunningham, Ars Technica

Apple has just announced a replacement program for 3TB hard drives in 27-inch iMacs purchased between December of 2012 and September of 2013—approximately the lifespan of the 2012 iMac, though some of the first 2013 iMacs sold could potentially be affected as well. Apple says the drives "may fail under certain conditions."

Coppell ISD, Apple, IBM Talk Possible Partnership, by Mike Albanese, Coppell Gazette

Parting Words

This parental warning about Pixar's new "Inside Out" from @aoscott is the best.

— Sarah Pulliam Bailey (@spulliam) June 20, 2015

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