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Tue, Jun 23, 2015The Stupid-Backups Edition

Don't Lose Your Stuff

Ten Stupid Backup Strategies, by Joe Kissell, TidBITS

The fact that your backup strategy is stupid does not imply that you are stupid. It only means you may not have given careful thought to what disasters could harm your data (theft, fire, hurricane, malware, software bugs, user error, and so on) or exactly what steps you would take if something did go wrong. I don’t want you to have stupid backups; I want you to have such excellent backups that you’re justifiably confident of being able to recover from any sort of data loss. In that spirit, here are ten stupid backup strategies I urge you to avoid.

The New MacBook

A Laptop For Writers, by Matt Gemmell

This is a computer for those privileged enough to be able to use it.

I’m not talking about money, but rather the freedom to not care about the areas where it might be suboptimal for others. It’s for people who are lucky enough that this kind of machine doesn’t demand compromise.

That’s me. I have modest performance needs; the battery lasts all day; I don’t care about ports and connectors. The screen is gorgeous, and more than big enough. The keyboard suits me well.


ComiXology 3.7: New App Makes The Best Of The Amazon/Apple Situation, by Jason Snell, Six Colors

But the real shame was that without the commerce features, the ComiXology iOS app was completely out of balance. It had been designed as a shop-and-read experience, but was suddenly reduced to “-and-read.” I kept using it for reading—I’d been buying most of my digital comics right on ComiXology’s website for a year—but what was once a smooth experience was now fractured and awful.

Today that all changes with the release of version 3.7 of ComiXology’s Comics app, which introduces a new interface (across not just iOS but also Android and Amazon) featuring customizable lists, improved library options, and the sense that there isn’t a blank space at the heart of the app anymore.

QuickShot Is A Handy Utility For Screenshots, by Dave Caolo, Apple World Today

It's a minimal menu bar item that offers access to all of the screenshots you've taken. For the work I do, it's tremendously useful.'s New iPhone App Wants To Teach You 5 New Things A Day, by Sam Dewey, Built In Chicago

The app will showcase the top five things to learn from across the platform’s various topics each day, which are boiled down into a package of videos, memes, infographics, facts, quotes, and other visuals chosen by its team of editors.

Taking In The Streets Of NYC Through An iPhone Kaleidoscope, by Jakob Schiller, Wired

Benjamin Lowy’s Walkscapes mash-up multiple images and leave you reeling in a sea of color and motion. With a few apps and clever editing, the series is like seeing a city street through a kaleidoscope (or after a wild night of drinking).

Tweetbot For Mac Gets New Quoted Tweet Style And More, by Aldrin Calimlim, AppAdvice

Three Culprits That Were Eating Up My Mac’s Disk Space, by Dan Moren, Six Colors

Thanks to apps like DaisyDisk, it’s pretty easy to track down where all your disk space is going, but if you also happen to be running close to full, here are a few culprits that I’ve found might be flying under the radar.

How To Fully Reset Safari On Your Mac, by Topher Kessler, MacIssues

If something goes wrong where Safari either loads and runs slowly, crashes on startup, or is otherwise not functioning correctly, then you might find yourself in a bit of a frustrating situation. If you need to reset aspects of Safari in order to regain functionality, then even though the options for doing so are somewhat scattered, you can still use them to regain use of your browser.


HTTP/2 Picks Up Steam: iOS 9, by Lukasa's Echohammer


Oh, hello irony.

— Charles Arthur (@charlesarthur) June 23, 2015


Why Classical Music Can’t Make Money From Streaming, by Kirk McElhearn

For classical labels to be on a level playing field, their streams need to be paid differently from “songs.” But the real problems go much deeper. The classical music industry is suffering for a number of reasons, and streaming is just another factor making their business more fragile. But as the shift to streaming continues, it’s a good idea to not penalize these labels because of the nature of their recordings.

Taylor Swift: Does Apple's Climbdown Really Demonstrate Her Power?, by Eamonn Forde, The Guardian

The bigger issue here, however, is not about getting services to pay more – it’s about how that money makes its way through to the artists.

Former Pandora CTO: The Feud Between Taylor Swift And Apple Is 'Mostly Theater', by Jillian D'Onfro, Yahoo

"Swift's letter and Apple's response is mostly theater," he writes. "Nothing here to suggest Apple treats artists more fairly than anyone else." Other services, like Spotify, YouTube, Pandora and others, all pay artists for their free tiers and trials too, he argues. Apple isn't going above and beyond in any way, it's just on the same level as everyone else.

Pictures Of Chinese People Scanning QR Codes, by Christina Xu, Medium

The tech-embracing among us may actually use QR codes quite often — while boarding flights and trains, to get into music shows, to pay for sandwiches using LevelUp — but the interaction always involves holding up our codes to someone else’s scanner, never the other way around. Except for the occasional optimistic marketing campaign, the noisy grids have dissolved quietly into product packaging and subway ads.

In China, however, people scan QR codes all the time.

Can Wikipedia Survive?, by Andrew Lih, New York Times

One of the biggest threats it faces is the rise of smartphones as the dominant personal computing device. [...] This is a challenge for Wikipedia, which has always depended on contributors hunched over keyboards searching references, discussing changes and writing articles using a special markup code. Even before smartphones were widespread, studies consistently showed that these are daunting tasks for newcomers.

Parting Words

Any restaurant that sells both fries and onion rings will put a ring in your fries, or a fry in your rings, to make u regret your choice

— drewtoothpaste (@drewtoothpaste) June 22, 2015

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