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Wed, Jul 1, 2015The For-You-Selections Edition

Apple Music Day 1

Apple Music’s For You Selections Are Not For Me, by Kirk McElhearn

Apple knows a lot about my musical tastes. It knows what I’ve bought from the iTunes Store, and it knows what’s in my iTunes library through its Genius feature. So it should get a lot better than that.

Apple Music Limits Play To One Device At A Time, Unless You Have A Family Membership, by Kirk McElhearn

Apple Releases iTunes 12.2 Update With Apple Music + Beats 1 Support, by Zac Hall, 9to5Mac

Apple Music Is A Brand, Not A Feature, by Kirk McElhearn

But you will have noticed that there is no “Apple Music” feature in either the iOS Music app, or in iTunes.

Apple Music Costs Just ₹120 ($1.8) Per Month In India, Family Plan Priced At ₹190 ($3), by Harish Jonnalagadda, iMore

Eddy Cue: New iOS 9 Beta With Apple Music Coming ‘Early Next Week’, Bitrate Better On WiFi, by Mark Gurman, 9to5Mac

In a reply to a user on Twitter, Cue said that a new beta of iOS 9 will be available next week with Apple Music integration.

Fun With Playlists

My search for Apple Music's worst playlist of them of all is paying dividends, big time

— Connor Tomas O'Brien (@mrconnorobrien) July 1, 2015

OS Updates

OS X 10.10.4 Brings TRIM Support For Third-Party SSDs, by Rich Edmonds, iMore

The new TRIM support enables the OS to enhance file cleanup operations on the attached SSD to keep the system optimized and running without issue.

Mac EFI Security Update 2015-001, by Agen G. N. Schmitz, TidBITS

Apple has released Mac EFI Security Update 2015-001 for OS X 10.8.5 Mountain Lion and 10.9.5 Mavericks, which prevents a malicious application with root privileges from modifying a Mac's EFI flash memory.

Security Update 2015-005, by Agen G. N. Schmitz, TidBITS

Apple has issued Security Update 2015-005 for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and 10.9 Mavericks, mirroring many of the security fixes that are included with the concurrently released 10.10.4 Yosemite.

Apple Releases iOS 8.4, by Federico Viticci, MacStories

Also new in iOS 8.4, Audiobooks have been moved to iBooks following the Music redesign. With a distinct collection in their iBooks libraries, users will now be able to start listening to audiobooks in iBooks through a new media player that offers gesture support, a sleep timer, and speed controls.


GarageBand Update Lets Artists Publish Directly To Apple Music Connect, by Roman Layola, Macworld

Apple Music Connect artists can, say, create a sample of a melody that they just thought of and make it available on Connect to get feedback from fans. Or an artist can offer previews of new singles that are about to drop. It's another way for artists to cultivate a community on Apple Music.

Apple Updates Garageband, iBooks Author, iMovie, by MacNN

Apple SIM Cellular Data Plans Now Available In Over 90 Countries, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

Apple has reached a partnership with mobile connectivity company GigSky to expand Apple SIM cellular data plans to over 90 countries and territories around the world. iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 users that have Apple SIM installed can now purchase short-term data plans while traveling in a long list of countries throughout Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, South America and other regions worldwide.

Hands On: Wolfram Words 1.2 (iOS), by William Gallagher, MacNN

Learn Touch Typing For Free With Typist For Mac, by Charles Moore, Technology Tell


Safari Is The New IE, by Nolan Lawson

If we can start building a vibrant ecosystem of web applications where Apple is not invited, then maybe they’ll be forced to pull a Microsoft and make their own penitent walk to Canossa. Otherwise we’ll have to content ourselves with living in the web of 2010, with Safari replacing IE as the blue-tinged icon that fills web developers with dread.

Data Design, by Lukas Mathis, Ignore The Code

When designers talk about their process, they often talk about things like sketching and wireframing and usability tests. But it has recently occurred to me that this is not what I usually start out with. The first thing I typically design is the application’s data model.

Love, by Brent Simmons, Inessential

Write the apps you want to write in your free time and out of love for the platform and for those specific apps. Take risks. Make those apps interesting and different. Don’t play it safe. If you’re not expecting money, you have nothing to lose.

Could the do-it-for-love era — with the creative freedom that that brings — bring us back to the days when we downloaded apps that weren’t from Facebook and Starbucks and Funded Company X, and we told our friends about our exciting finds?

I hope. I have hope.

We Do Design

web design. have we all lost our minds?

— Trent Walton (@TrentWalton) July 1, 2015

Seriously, We Do Design

Now I know why Apple started making taller phones. Seriously?

— Paul Haddad (@tapbot_paul) June 30, 2015


Apple Conspired To Fix E-Book Prices: U.S. Appeals Court, by Nate Raymond and Jonathan Stempel, Reuters

A divided federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld a judge's ruling that Apple Inc had conspired with five publishers to increase e-book prices, in a win for the U.S. Justice Department.

Apple Rule Of Unreason, by Wall Street Journal

The larger point is that the rule of reason is a plea for antitrust common sense, which has been notable by its absence during the Apple e-books farce. The High Court ought to rebuke lower courts that are embracing premodern antitrust and flouting its instructions.

Apple's Mistake Was Hooking Up With The Book-Publishing Cartel, by Mathew Ingram, Fortune

In other words, instead of being able to piggy-back on the market position of its publishing partners in order to gain entry into this new market, Apple hitched its e-book wagon to an industry that was already actively engaged in collusion over prices—and desperately trying to resist the future. And ultimately it was the giant electronics company that got crushed under the wheels of that wagon.

Parting Words

My son needed an empty piece of paper, so he opened a blank Word document and printed it out. We're doomed.

— EdwardPickering (@EdwardPickering) June 29, 2015

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