MyAppleMenu - Sat, Jul 4, 2015

Sat, Jul 4, 2015The Digital-Smorgasbord Edition

In Battle Of Streaming Music Services, Simplicity Is The Killer Feature, by Lauren Goode, Re/code

Congratulations, Apple: You’ve made us all talk about music again.

But each of the five tabs of Apple’s revamped Music app is like an app itself, a digital smorgasbord of tracks, albums, playlists, recommendations, charts, channels, programming schedules and more. It’s like eating a five-course meal, only each course is a trip to the buffet. It’s very rich — and it might be too much.

No, Apple Is Not Adding DRM To Songs On Your Mac You Already Own, by Serenity Caldwell, iMore

Yes, Apple Music has a DRM component. Yes, it sucks, but it's similar to every other streaming service. No, it does not overwrite the files on your Mac to make all your music DRM-laden. For those Googling in a panic, here's the deal.


Checking In With eSpark, An iPad App Curriculum Platform Set To Serve 50K Students This Fall, by Karis Hustad, ChicagoInno

eSpark creates iPad-based curriculum for students. But their curriculum is solely made up of iOS resources and apps that have been vetted by former teachers, and are individualized for student's learning based on tests and student engagement. This method helps free up time for teachers who want to dive into edtech, but aren't sure where to start.

Wineosphere iPhone App Review, by Aron Kramer, Tapscape


My Delivery Truck, by Charles Perry

Today, the App Store is basically your delivery truck that takes cash on delivery. We wouldn’t blame a delivery truck for our business failure. It doesn’t make any sense. It’s not a delivery truck’s responsibility to ensure that there’s a market for our products. That’s what market research is for. It’s not a delivery truck’s responsibility to advertise our products or introduce them to customers. That’s what marketing is for. And it’s not a delivery truck’s responsibility to prop up prices in the market place. That’s just not it’s role.

Write Code Every Day, by Brett Langdon


"I've set the wedding date. I've not asked her out yet."---how software projects are managed.

— Venkat Subramaniam (@venkat_s) July 3, 2015


Apple iTunes And AppStore No Longer Work In Greece Due To Debt Crisis, by Jim Waterson, BuzzFeed

Ordinary Greeks who are accustomed to using international services such as Apple’s AppStore and PayPal are now finding that they can non longer use popular paid-for internet services due to the financial restrictions.

Apple's European "OS X El Capitan" Trademark Filing Oddly Lists Tablets As One Of The Products Linked To The New OS, by Patently Apple

Parting Words

We live in a world where even trash cans can kernel panic.

— Ben Nunney (@BenNunney) April 6, 2013

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