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Fri, Jul 17, 2015The Curating-The-Future Edition

Up Next: How Playlists Are Curating The Future Of Music, by Marc Hogan, Pitchfork

As simple as the concept might appear, approaches to today’s playlists are varied in a way that’s reminiscent of music itself. Computer algorithms or human curators? Editorial professionals or amateur compilers? Lesser-known upstarts or major-label stars? “The new radio,” as some have gushed, or just the latest repackaging of old formats? How it all shakes out could have long-term ramifications for the music-listening and music-making alike.

Numbered Days: Freelance Accounting With Apple’s Spreadsheet, by Dan Moren, Six Colors

Ultimately, the best solution for me—and I stress, for me—has proved to be Numbers, for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s already on all my Macs and iOS devices. Secondly, while it may not be on par with the likes of Excel, it is remarkably powerful. And thirdly, well, it’s pretty and has a pretty gradual learning curve.

Recovering Deleted iCloud Drive Files, by Dan Moren, Six Colors

One thing I left out of my earlier post about iCloud Drive’s file deletion issue—but which is mentioned in the original source of the link—is that you can actually recover deleted files on iCloud Drive. But it’s not an obvious feature, because you can’t do it from the Finder, where iCloud Drive lives, or from your iOS device.


Diet Coda Becomes Coda For iOS, Picks Up iPhone Support And A New Look, by Joseph Keller, iMore

Coda 2.0 also introduces Panic Sync, for keeping your sites, clips, and credentials up to date between devices.

Ulysses For iPad And Mac Adds Automatic Backup Options So You'll Never Lose A Thought, by Joseph Keller, iMore

The text editor has added support for .DOCX file export, as well as several new options for backup to keep your work safe.

Office For Mac Is Finally A ‘First-Class Citizen’, by Walt Mossberg, Re/code

All in all, I’d say that — especially in Word, Excel and PowerPoint — the benefits of parity with Windows outweighs the loss of Mac distinctiveness. But unless you use Exchange, you might want to skip Outlook and use another email client, until Microsoft makes it friendly to people not employed at Goldman Sachs.

How To Make A Movie With An iPhone, As Taught By The Director Of Tangerine, by Kevin P. Sullivan, Entertainment Weekly

It’s an oft-repeated adage that with a camera phone, anyone can make a movie, but few filmmakers have lived up to the potential of the phrase quite like Sean Baker. His film Tangerine, the story of two friends who also happen to be transgender prostitutes, wowed audiences at Sundance and won over critics in the past few weeks with its theatrical release.

Microsoft’s OneNote iOS App Goes Universal, Bringing Notification Center Widget And More To iPad, by Zac Hall, 9to5Mac


Apple Faces U.S. Class-Action Lawsuit By Employees Over Bag Searches, by Dan Levine, Reuters

The ruling, from U.S. District Judge William Alsup in San Francisco, is part of a 2013 lawsuit alleging Apple should compensate thousands of store employees for the time taken to search their bags to ensure they did not steal any merchandise.

Apple Releases Four New Apple Watch Ads Showing The Device Used In Daily Life, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

Apple's Latest Commercials Show The Challenge Of Marketing A Smartwatch, by Chris Welch, The Verge


The entire universe of Chinese songs are classified into just two generes in Apple Music: Mandarin and Cantonese.

Black Box Or White Box?

Google Is Hiring An SEO Manager To Improve Its Rankings In Google, by Barry Schwartz, Search Engine Land

The job listing is for a “Program Manager, Search Engine Optimization.” The description of the job makes it clear that this is about marketing.

And If You Are In NYC...

Review: ‘Penn & Teller On Broadway’ Explores The Illusions Of Technology, by Ben Brantley, New York Times

That it isn’t really an elephant — and I won’t tell you what it is — is of a perfect, witty piece with these performers’ self-dismissing, self-deconstructing style. In theory, a Penn and Teller show is spoiler-proof because they make a point of spoiling their own deceptions, and even encourage you to go online to find out more about them, but they are also showmen to their toes who like to surprise stylishly.

Parting Words

Reminiscing about the days when you could move from the couch to the chair without having to transport a bevy of life simplifying equipment.

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