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Thu, Jul 30, 2015The Money-Machine Edition

Apple Campus 2 To Feature Visitor's Center With "Observation Deck", by Nathan Donato-Weinstein, Silicon Valley Business Journal

Buried in city documents filed this spring are previously unreported plans for a new visitor’s center — complete with a store and viewing platform. Apple’s 2013 approvals for the massive project included the ability for Apple to build a visitor’s center, but a detailed project description had not been submitted until April.

The plans show a super-modern glass-walled structure topped by a carbon-fiber roof with extended eaves, punctuated by large skylights. On the ground floor: A 2,386-square-foot cafe and 10,114-square-foot store “which allows visitors to view and purchase the newest Apple products.” Stairs and elevators take visitors to the roof level, about 23 feet up. There, they’ll be able to behold the multi-billion-dollar campus, a kind of monument to the late co-founder Steve Jobs and Apple’s tremendous money machine.

Fitted, by The New Inquiry

Activity trackers like FitBit evolved out of spreadsheet computer logs that the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports started keeping in the 1990s, to create better records of the fitness of American citizens, and establish national averages against which they could compare themselves. As a fat middle-school student, I huffed and puffed through the Presidential Fitness Challenge in sheer terror of that spreadsheet.

By the turn of the millennium, however, it had become possible to automatically monitor such activities and to integrate monitors into wearable personal equipment. And so, today, we must confess that we are too fat and too slow not to our gym teachers but to ourselves.

Canton Road, Hong Kong

Thank you to the thousands of Hong Kong customers who joined the celebration for our new store on Canton Road!

— Tim Cook (@tim_cook) July 30, 2015

Apple Opens Fourth Retail Store In Hong Kong’s ‘Fifth Avenue’ Amid Plan To Bolster Presence In City By 45 Per Cent, by Bien Perez, South China Morning Post

"Canton Road is like Fifth Avenue in New York, Regent Street in London and Wangfujing in Beijing. We had to be here," Richard Hames, Apple's marketing director for greater China, said on Wednesday.


Yahoo Debuts Livetext Silent Video Messaging App, by AppleInsider

Marketed as "live video texting without sound," Livetext is a bit like FaceTime, but instead of talking to each other as they would in a face-to-face conversation, users communicate through facial expressions and typed text.

Molecules By Theodore Gray (For iPad), by Tony Hoffman, PC Magazine

Molecules by Theodore Gray is a superb iPad app for chemistry students, or for anyone interested in learning more about the compounds and substances that make up the objects around us, from rocks to plastics to living creatures. It is both informative and fun, chock-full of little-known facts, lucid explanations, and gorgeous 3D animations.

OneNote 2016 For Mac Review: Intuitive And Versatile, But Still Not Up To Par With Windows Version, by Jeffery Battersby, Macworld

Angry Birds 2 Released For iOS, Free To Download On The App Store, by Cam Bunton, 9to5Mac

The New Microsoft

We live in a world where the entire Windows 10 operating system is a free upgrade, but Solitaire is now a freemium game.

— Rob Griffiths (@rgriff) July 29, 2015

Available For Free

Apple Music Snapchat Account Takes Users Behind The Scenes Of Beats 1 Radio, by Husain Sumra, MacRumors

Apple today announced a Snapchat account for Apple Music that initially provides a behind-the-scenes look at Beats 1 Radio and its personalities while also showing off segments of the cities it operates from with some music playing in the background.

Apple Music’s Strategy Is No-Paywall Premieres, Not Exclusives, by Josh Constine, TechCrunch

But it turns out that through Connect and Beats 1 Radio, Apple Music has built a strategy that attracts debuts from the biggest artists in the world and makes them available to everyone for free.

This in turn attracts users to Apple Music’s free trial. Plus it’s a lot more friendly to listeners.

Parting Words

Turns out, if no pacifier is handy you can always just borrow Maggie's

— Cabel Sasser (@cabel) July 29, 2015

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