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Mon, Sep 21, 2015The Fake-Developer-Code Edition

Apple Confirms Discovery Of Malicious Code In Some App Store Products, by Katie Benner, New York Times

Apple confirmed on Sunday that a tool used by software developers for the company’s devices was copied and modified by hackers to put bad code into apps available on the App Store.

The fake developer code “was posted by untrusted sources,” said Christine Monaghan, an Apple spokeswoman. “To protect our customers, we’ve removed the apps from the App Store that we know have been created with this counterfeit software.”

China’s Awful Internet Speed Has Spread Malware To Millions Of Smartphones, by Josh Horwitz, Quartz

That means that China’s internet speed, and access to foreign websites, is so slow that developers at some of the wealthiest internet companies are resorting to sketchy, unverified channels in order to download XCode quickly and do their jobs.

What You Need To Know About iOS Malware XcodeGhost, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

No Turning Back

The iPad And Your kid—Digital Daycare, Empowering Educator, Or Something Bad?, by Johanna Lee, Ars Technica

Whether you like it or not and whether science can catch up, we have entered the touchscreen era and there’s no turning back. “It is impractical to never expose kids to screens. To discourage all screen use is almost a way of ‘parent shaming,’” Kirkorian says. “It’s much more empowering to give parents information on what sorts of screen media are most valuable and let parents decide for themselves, instead of just saying, ‘Don’t use it at all.’”

“The first advice I give parents is, ‘Don’t feel guilty,’” Kirkorian says. “Do your best to choose something that seems age-appropriate, well-designed, and educationally valuable. As long as it is used in moderation, you’re fine.”

Never Trust A Maître D’ With An iPad, by Rachel Cooke, The Guardian

No doubt some of you are about to write in and tell me how much technology can help with the running of a restaurant. Well, save your fingers. I’m sure it is very useful in the matter of internet reservations and table turning (they spin so fast these days, it’s a wonder any chef still bothers to make a pudding). But it really shouldn’t be allowed to interfere with that moment when, queasy with excitement and longing and the slight fear that a mistake has been made, you give a maître d’ your name, and he smiles in recognition, and in an instant all is well.


Apple Says Response To iPhone 6s Has Been “Incredibly Positive”, iOS 9 Already On 50% Of Devices, by Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac

Apple has confirmed launch details for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus — unsurprisingly the new phones go on sale Friday at 8 AM. Apple says that customer response to the iPhone 6s has been “incredibly positive” although the company is yet to release concrete preorder figures.

Apple also announced that iOS 9 has the fastest rate of adoption of any previous iOS release, with 50% of devices already using iOS 9, which was released last Wednesday.

Nisus Software Releases Nisus Writer Express 3.5, by MacTech

It has also been updated with iCloud support, OS X document Auto Save and Versions, and is now 64 bit and sandboxed.

Sidewire Is Your Hotline To Political Insight, by Christine Magee, TechCrunch

Aiming to help people cut through all of the political noise, Sidewire, a political news analysis platform, is launching today on iOS, just in time for tonight’s second Republican presidential debate.


More Ticks, by Dr. Drang, And Now It's All This

Vogue Snaps 12MP Images, 4K Video At New York Fashion Week Using Apple's New iPhone 6S Plus, by Daniel Eran Dilger, AppleInsider

When Journalism, Virtual Reality, And Unclear App Store Guidelines Collide, by Dan Archer, Ars Technica

We as designers and journalists appreciate the need to pivot and iterate (to borrow much-abused Silicon Valley terms) when it comes to producing, evaluating, and presenting stories to the public, but the key factor that ensures they are edited in the right way is transparency. If they are to stay true to their encouraging statement about wanting to “show [users] their world in innovative ways, and let them interact with it like never before,” then they need to clarify what the constraints around that innovation are. If that means adding a new clause that apps cannot be produced about a single story, then let that be included in the guidelines and prompt a spirited debate about exactly why that has to be the case.

A New Front: Can The Pentagon Do Business With Silicon Valley?, by E.B. Boyd, The California Sunday Magazine

As much as Defense Department officials say they want better access to commercial technology, the way the Pentagon functions often makes this impossible. The military has spent decades configuring itself to work with defense contractors to build complicated systems that take years to produce, like fighter jets and aircraft carriers. With its cumbersome rules and processes, the Department of Defense is not set up to race alongside small, agile companies.

The Pentagon is beginning to realize it must operate differently. Some of the most advanced work in computing, big data, cybersecurity, energy, robotics, and space — all areas the military draws on — is being done by tech companies, not traditional defense contractors. Last year, the Pentagon kicked off a large-scale effort called the Defense Innovation Initiative. In April, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter traveled to Palo Alto to announce that the department was establishing an office in Silicon Valley.

Desperate Elephants Shot With Poison Arrows Travel To Humans For Help, by Ameena Schelling, The Dodo

Though the wild elephant had never been a resident at DSWT, he knew elephants who had. He had mated with two former orphans who were raised at DSWT's Ithumba Reintegration Centre, who now lead their own wild herd. In 2011, he fathered babies with them, whom DSWT named Mwende and Yetu.

And DSWT is certain he knew this group of humans meant help.


Personally, I love the new San Francisco system font in iOS9, and I don’t see what anyone is complaining about.

— Tophr 3.0 (@mugwumpian) September 19, 2015

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