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Mon, Nov 16, 2015The How-We-Roll Edition

The Realities Of Installing iBeacon To Scale, by Shelley Berstein, Brooklyn Museum

At the time we started our technical implementation—almost a year ago—iBeacon was new and it presented a good option for us. We’re following agile methodology and in a project where iteration is the norm, you don’t want a ton of technical overhead; a lightweight location aware system using beacons made sense. We could implement location aware inexpensively, see how it would work for the app, and change it (to something else) or dump it if it didn’t work for our needs.

In trying to install beacons throughout our building we’ve faced many challenges. While the solution remains lightweight and flexible, there’s a lot of overhead to deal with. In a larger organization, you might throw money at this problem—there are plenty of third party management systems for beacons—or, even, staff time to help develop those solutions internally. In our case, we’ve devoted some resources to coding internal tools needed, but we’ve also spent a lot of staff time (…my own) installing without the use of third party tools. This is just how we roll over here; if we can possibly avoid coding, we’re going to do it. If we can sneaker-net a problem, we’re going to go that route before throwing a lot of money or code at it, especially in the early days when we need to determine if the technology is a workable solution. Here’s our iBeacon install story…

Sunny Singapore

Apple To Power Singapore Operations With Renewable Energy, by Valerie Covici and Julia Love, Reuters

Starting in January, solar energy developer Sunseap Group will provide Apple with 100 percent renewable electricity from its portfolio of solar energy systems built atop more than 800 buildings in Singapore. The deal will make Apple the first company in Singapore to run exclusively on renewable energy and marks a significant step in its bid to power 100 percent of its facilities and operations worldwide with clean fuel.

Apple Confirms It Will Open A Retail Store In Singapore, Its First In Southeast Asia, by Jon Russell, TechCrunch

“We have more than 900 incredible employees working in our Singapore contact center and are thrilled to begin hiring the team that will open our first Apple Store in Singapore — an incredible international city and shopping destination,” Ahrendts said in a statement sent to TechCrunch. “We can’t wait to deliver the service, education and entertainment that is loved by Apple customers around the world.”

The Ability To Read

Mid-Hudson Ophthalmologist Develops iPad App To Help Patients With Retinal Diseases Read Again, by Patricia Doxsey, Daily Freeman

Imagine being no longer able to focus on the printed word, to never again be able to lose yourself in a good book. That was the sad reality that faced by many of the patients of Dr. Howard Kaplan, an ophthalmologist who specializes in diseases of the retina, including macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa.

Until, that is, Kaplan developed an application for the Apple iPad that allows patients suffering from low vision due to retinal diseases to rediscover the joy of being lost in a book.


Dragon For Mac 5: Despite Bugs, An Upgrade Worth Making, by Scot Finnie, Computerworld

Dragon for Mac 5 is clearly the superior product. Its accuracy and performance make it a pleasure to use -- at least some of the time. Plus, Nuance is heading in right direction with Dragon for Mac 5.

Five Ways Your Smartphone Can Help Your Health, by Jennifer Jolly, New York Times

A doctor friend once told me the best thing I could do for my health was to turn off my cellphone. But that was before smartphone makers began building health and safety features into their phones. Here are five healthful tricks your phone can do.

Anki Overdrive Review: Robot Race Cars Are As Cool As They Sound, by Andrew Hayward, Macworld

The Starter Kit is well priced and has everything you need—besides a smartphone or tablet—to enjoy the action, and it really shows the benefits of an app-enabled toy. But tread carefully with the expansions: many only seem to diminish the fun at great expense.


The Push To Include An “Art” Category On Apple’s App Store, by Eva Recinos, PSFK

Shopping. Lifestyle. Education. These are some of the categories that you can browse when searching for something new on Apple’s App Store. But two artists and a gallerist want to add one more category to the mix: Art. +ArtApp—created by Paulina Bebecka, Seth Indigo Carnes and Serkan Ozkaya—is a petition and website that hopes to add the Art category to the App Store.


AMEX Confirms Apple Pay Launch In Canada Set For Nov. 17, by Gary Ng, MacRumors

According to American Express, the service is set to launch this Tuesday, November 17, 2015. Customer service representatives we spoke with confirmed the date over the phone numerous times.

Why Do We Still Not Know What's Inside The Pyramids?, by Chris Baraniuk, BBC

For one thing, the pyramids are structures of outstanding archaeological importance. Indeed, they are so significant – from their complex designs to the hieroglyphs and artifacts found inside them – that any suggestion of breaking into internal tunnels or chambers forcibly would be seen as inappropriate and irresponsible.

Little Singapore

I live in Singapore, and I am excited to hear Apple opening its first store in Singapore. It makes perfect sense for Apple to open its first store on Orchard Road. The unfortunate thing is just that I live on the opposite end of Singapore, so I can't wait for Apple to open its second store.

(Not that Singapore is that big of an island, though.)


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