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Thu, Nov 19, 2015The Future-Of-Mobile-Creativity Edition

Dear Adobe, Your iPad Apps Are A Mess., by Brad Colbow, Medium

It’s now 2015. It’s time to take iOS seriously as a pro tool and do what you do best. Don’t give us 30 apps that each do one thing. Give us one app that does 30 things. We don’t need you to be Instagram. We need you to be Adobe.

Reply, by Scott Belsky, Adobe, Medium

No doubt, we’ve got a long way to go. We need to clean up the old apps from an era where creativity was limited to a single app and saved to your camera roll. We need to better organize and merchandise the new apps. And we need to support even more mobile workflows that would typically take you more time (and more training) to complete on desktop. Thanks for the feedback, and for inspiring us to make more progress to enable the future of mobile creativity.


Microsoft Overhauls Its Bing For iPhone App To Take On Google, by Tom Warren, The Verge

Microsoft is completely overhauling its Bing for iPhone app today. While most search queries occur within the browser or Spotlight feature of iOS, Microsoft is betting on people downloading a powerful separate app to search the web without Google. That’s a stretch, but after using the app for the past few days I can certainly see its appeal.

Before You Go Abroad: Why You Should Enroll In State Dept. STEP, by Jesse Sokolow, Frequent Business Traveler

The STEP app promises to “update you with important safety and security announcements” for the country or city you are visiting. Additionally, the app makes it possible for an embassy or consulate to contact you in the event of an emergency provided you’ve registered with details of your trip.

Don’t Rock Alone, Start A Band Or Join One With Encore Music, by Sandy Stachowiak, AppAdvice

This app connects musicians with musicians, offering ways to communicate, share skills through video, and find others nearby.

Uber iOS App Adds Credit Card Profiles, Allowing You To Separate Business & Personal Rides, by Ben Lovejoy, 9to5Mac

Five Easy Ways To Get Your iPhone Photos Onto Your Mac, by Nick Mediati, Macworld


Microsoft Ups Its DevOps Game With A Raft Of New Tools, by Katherine Noyes, Computerworld

The company on Wednesday is making a boatload of announcements, all dedicated to providing a development environment that serves any developer working on any application -- and on any device or platform.

The New Carbon, by Pierre Houston, A Small Duck Speaks!

Will today’s Cocoa today be the new Carbon after WWDC 2016? I think Carbon is a good analogy for a new transition Apple has in store for developers on their platforms.

My App SpotLight, by Brent Simmons, Inessential


Apple Pay Goes Live In Australia With American Express, Loyalty Card Support Coming ‘Soon’, by Mark Gurman, 9to5Mac

Currently, the service is limited solely to American Express card users in both Australia and Canada. Apple is in talks to expand the service to more banks and cardholders in the future.

Manhattan DA Steps Up Pressure On Google And Apple To Open Up Encryption To Government, by Martin Anderson, The Stack

Selling Feelings, by Ben Thompson, Stratechery

More broadly, the fact remains that business is difficult — it was difficult before the Internet, and it’s difficult now — but the nature of the difficulty has changed. Distribution used to be the hardest thing, but now that distribution is free the time and money saved must instead be invested in getting even closer to customers and more finely attuned to exactly why they are spending their money on you.

People Are Scaring Their Cats With Cucumbers. They Shouldn’t., by Brian Clark Howard, National Geographic

“If you cause stress to an animal that's probably not a good thing,” says Jill Goldman, a certified animal behaviorist in southern California. “If you do it for laughs it makes me question your humanity.”

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