MyAppleMenu - Sat, Nov 21, 2015

Sat, Nov 21, 2015The New-Interface-Paradigms Edition

Testing The Siri Remote As A Game Controller, by Josh Centers, TidBITS

The Apple TV’s processor and storage are sufficient for deep gaming experiences, but the Siri Remote is either a limitation or a creative challenge, depending on where you sit. Between the Siri Remote’s buttons, motion control, and iOS integration, developers have a lot of possibilities, but it’s uncertain whether the investment in creating new interface paradigms would be worthwhile.

What You Can And Cannot Do With An Apple Pencil On iPad Pro, by Neil Hughes, AppleInsider

The Apple Pencil is more than just a drawing utensil — it can work as a full-fledged, system-wide stylus with the iPad Pro. But there are also certain tasks that just aren't possible with Apple's new accessory. Here's a breakdown of what it can and cannot do.

Gestures Are Defining Apple Watch, by Bernard Desarnauts, TechCrunch

Who would have thought a simple flick of the wrist would be a killer app? Still, there is so much more potential for Apple Watch’s gesture-based UX — and the coming months will surely bring many more third-party apps that will begin to take full advantage of it.


A Panic Button For The Phone, by Jonah Bromwich, New York Times

Mr. Nelson says a person who might be facing a traumatic event — even death — would sense that something was wrong and would be able to hit a panic button.

Review: Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat With Apple HomeKit Support, by Brent Dirks, AppAdvice

So if you’re looking to start building a smart home – and you’re an iPhone user – the Ecobee3 is definitely recommended. Siri support is a natural addition to a smart thermostat, and its something that should eventually pay for itself. That’s not a bad deal at all.

Sidefari Lets You Browse Two Webpages At Once With iOS 9 Split View And Safari View Controller, by Federico Viticci, MacStories

Sidefari essentially acts as an on-demand Safari View Controller built into an app that does nothing else, and that's been made available for Split View. In its simplicity, I find Sidefari to be an ingenious idea for an app that uses a built-in technology to work around a limitation of Apple's multitasking design in iOS 9.

Thirtieth Anniversary Of Carmen Sandiego Marked With New iOS App, by MacNN


Apple Announces Dec. 22-29 Holiday Closing Dates For iTunes Connect, by Aldrin Calimlim, AppAdvice

Shifting Your Development Environment From Ubuntu To OS X, by Shaumik Daityari, Sitepoint

In this post, I'll look at the subtle differences you might face when shifting your development environment from Ubuntu to OS X, or vice versa.


Apple Brings Personal Pickup To The UK Today, Following Expansion To Australia And Canada, by Ben Lovejoy, 9to5Mac

Personal Pickup is available for most in-stock Apple products. To check availability, select your item on the Apple website and then select the ‘Available for pickup: Check availability’ option. You’ll be prompted to enter your postcode to search for nearby stores, and can then see which ones show the product as ‘Available today.’

Selfie: The Revolutionary Potential Of Your Own Face, In Seven Chapters, by Rachel Syme, Medium

Whenever I think about selfies, I think about the women who came before. I think about the ones who never got to use front-facing cameras, that technological ease and excess that we have so quickly taken for granted.

After Twitter Falls For A URL Trick, Gannett Fixes A Company-Wide Glitch, by Greg Marx and Corey Hutchins, Columbia Journalism Review

Anyone could plug anything at all in the SEO keyword part of the URL, and, as long as the other elements weren’t changed, the link would work—no hacking, coding, or other skills required.

Isn't it good news that we are still building our internet by assuming people are going to be good?

Men Eat More Pizza When Trying To Impress Women, Study Suggests, by Samanatha Bonar, Los Angeles Times

In a woman’s presence, men eat 93% more pizza, according to researchers at Cornell University.

And 86% more salad.

Not A Good Sign

I've spend quite a bit of time just sitting there and thinking of what I should name my new library that I am creating for a personal project...


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