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Mon, Nov 23, 2015The Cowed-In-Bejing Edition

The New China Syndrome, by Barry C. Lynn, Harpers

As our biggest manufacturers and traders and investors succeed in China, they also come to depend on China for future profits — which brings them increasingly under the sway of a Chinese state that holds the power to cut those profits off. What if the master capitalists and corporate bosses who have so cowed us here at home are themselves being cowed in Beijing? What if the extreme economic interdependence between the United States and China is not actually carrying our values into a backward and benighted realm, but accomplishing precisely the opposite — granting the Chinese Politburo ever-increasing leverage over America’s economic and political life?

A Better Tomorrow

Apple Watch Used To Study Epileptic Seizures, by Meredith Cohn, The Baltimore Sun

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University hope to help those with the neurological condition by collecting information about their seizures through their watches, specifically their Apple Watches.

"Physicians often ask patients to record their seizures, but that can be hard, especially when a patient loses consciousness," said Dr. Gregory Krauss, a professor of neurology in the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine who is working on the program, named EpiWatch.

"EpiWatch collects data that help researchers better understand epilepsy, while helping patients keep a more complete history of their seizures," he said.

Homeless Man Learnt How To Make Music In The Apple Store To Turn His Life Around, by Katie Butler, Manchester Evening News

A homeless man has turned his life around after teaching himself to make music - by practicing his skills in the Apple store.


Use Grid-Style Password Entry On New Apple TV, by Rob Giffiths, The Robservatory

If you wake the Apple TV with the silver remote, and don’t touch the Siri remote until after you get to a password entry screen, you’ll get the grid.

This Ingenious App By Toys R Us Will Make Kids Work For Their Damn Toys, by Delfina Utomo, Vulcan Post

So in time for Christmas and the season that keeps on gifting, mega toy store Toys R Us, with the help of Ogilvy & Mather Singapore are launching a local mobile app Tasks For Toys. This app lets kids get rewarded with toys only after they complete a set of predetermined tasks made by their parents — because nothing in life comes free and easy, and they best learn early.

The Sonos Play:5 Review: Exceptional Sound At An Appropriate Price, by Bryan M. Wolfe, AppAdvice


Deducing Your Playground “Device”, by Erica Sadun


How I’m Handling My Depression (Using An App), by Pete Smith, Medium

I’ve built a web application to help me stay on top of my depression. Every day I track a number of indicators — when I get up, how much work I do, whether I see friends, a variety of good and bad habits, etc. Using this data, if there is a suggestion that I am acting destructively my inner circle of family and friends is alerted so they can help me re-find my way.

Why Are Autumn Leaves Mostly Yellow In Europe And Red In North America?, by Alice Roberts, The Observer

Autumn is much redder in North America and east Asia than it is in northern Europe, and this can’t be explained by temperature differences alone. These areas also have a greater proportion of ancient tree lineages surviving: trees have gone extinct at a higher rate in Europe compared with those other areas. Is it possible that the red-leaved trees of North America and east Asia are still carrying with them an anti-herbivore device that evolved in the presence of leaf-eating animals which have long since gone extinct themselves?

Full-Day Battery Life

I can confirm that I've used an Apple device for work from the very start of the day to a very late evening, and I didn't have to charge the device at all. Full-day battery life indeed.

(No, it's not the iPad Pro.)


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