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Mon, Nov 30, 2015The Wiped-Away Edition

OAP 'Suing Apple For Losing Snaps And Contacts During iPhone Repair, by Jonathan Reilly, The Sun

A pensioner is suing Apple because he claims staff “wiped away his life” when they tried to repair an iPhone. Deric White, 68, wants £5,000 compensation for the loss of precious snaps from his honeymoon plus 15 years of contacts.


The iPad Pro As An iPad, by Ben Brooks

Looking at it this way gives us three different setups to talk through: flat on table/desk/lap, propped at an angle on a table/desk/lap, and held in your hands. For the sake of brevity I am just going to talk about these placements in the sense of a desk, but know that I mean any flat surface you sit or stand working at. And for the sake of further brevity you can assume the iPad Pro works the same in your lap, with much less comfort overall. So if say the iPad works great flat on a desk, it would just be OK in your lap like that.

Now Be A Musician With New App 'Acapella', by Zee News

PDF Checkpoint 1.7.14 For OS X Improves PDF Image Preflight, by MacTech


The Day I Did Something, by Frank Wiles

I went out with my best friend and commiserated about exactly how much our jobs sucked and how we should totally go out on our own.

Then I woke up hungover. And then I got laser focused on getting out on my own. I blocked out time in my schedule. I committed to it. I gave myself a year but managed to do it in just 10 months.

'My Father Had One Job In His Life, I've Had Six In Mine, My Kids Will Have Six At The Same Time', by Tim Adams, The Guardian

In the ‘gig’ or ‘sharing’ economy, say the experts, we will do lots of different jobs as technology releases us from the nine to five. But it may also bring anxiety, insecurity and low wages.

Creating Standalone Mac OS X Applications With Python And Py2app, by Chris Hager


Ebooks For All, by Craig Mod

Building digital libraries in Ghana with Worldreader.

The Talk Of The Web: How The New Yorker Grew Its Digital Audience By Focusing On Quality, by Benjamin Mullin, Poynter

“The main strategy for growing audience is to publish more, better stories,” Thompson said. “The most encouraging thing we found is that the stories we’re prouder of, the stories we put more effort into, attract more readers.”

I Shall Name You the Bicycle

I am a little disappointed that Microsoft has named its first laptop the Surface Book.

Of course, if Apple named its Mac laptop the MacBook, and Google named its Chrome laptop the Chromebook, Microsoft has to name its laptop the Surface Book. (WinBook is already taken.)

But, when you place the two product names side-by-side: Surface Pro and Surface Book, I do imagine the Pro is the laptop while the Book is the tablet. Which is totally opposite. (Yes, I know both are laptops and tablets, but the Pro is more tablet than laptop while the Book is more laptop than tablet.)

If you are familiar with the stories of how Apple named the Macintosh or the iMac, you'll know that naming things is hard. Which is why I am only a little disappointed. After all, Microsoft was never famous for giving great names to its products.


When Microsoft is ready to announce their touchscreen all-in-one desktop computer, I hope the computer will not be called the iSurface.


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