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Tue, Dec 1, 2015The Fully-Recognized Edition

Apple CEO Tim Cook To Receive Robert F. Kennedy Center Award, by Dawn Chmielewski, Re/code

The Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights will present Cook with its Ripple of Hope Award on Dec. 8 in acknowledgment of his work on behalf of social change. [...] The Apple executive has become an outspoken advocate for workplace equality, arguing that businesses benefit when their workers feel fully recognized.

A Little Recommendation

A Comprehensive Guide To The iTunes Affiliate Program, by John Voorhees, MacStories

The iTunes Affiliate Program is not a silver bullet, but the beauty of the program is that it is simple at heart both conceptually and in its implementation. Take fifteen minutes to sign up, and once you have your affiliate token, start pasting it at the end of every iTunes URL you post.

Cloud Update

Adobe Releases Big Updates To Photoshop And A New 3D Character App, Fuse, by Jackie Dove, Macworld

On Monday, Adobe announced a huge update to Photoshop CC 2015, its flagship image editor, which now hooks into its new 3D character creation app called Fuse CC.

Hands-On: Adobe’s New Fuse CC Lets Beginners Take Baby Steps Into 3D Modeling, by Jackie Dove, Macworld

Photoshop has featured 3D workflows for years, but significant challenges for designers remain. With its recent purchase of 3D specialists Mixamo, Adobe has turned its attention to realistic 3D character models, the kind designers are working with more and more. The result is Fuse CC (Preview), a new desktop app that lets anyone easily build animated human models for composite images, layouts, concepts, and artistic projects.


Can The MacBook Pro Replace Your iPad?, by Fraser Speirs

There has been a lot of talk in recent weeks about the MacBook Pro and, in particular, whether it can replace an iPad Pro for getting real work done.

Hands On: Reeder 3.0 (iOS), by William Gallagher, MacNN

If you like to read and in particular you like to read news, then get this. If you've already seen the light and are a user of Reeder 2 then take the free update and enjoy it.

The Momento 3 Journal Brings Video Support And Enhanced Feeds, by Sandy Stachowiak, AppAdvice

For journal writing, capturing moments, and reliving memories, Momento is a terrific app and this new version just makes it all the more robust. The interface is super simple to use and the flexibility brought by the new features makes it great daily diary app.

Curio 10 Released, by MacDrifter

The hardest part of reviewing Curio for Mac is explaining what it is. It's like a light-box for information. Or maybe it's a bulletin board of data. Or maybe it's a mind mapping application that's also a rich content organizer. None of these convey exactly what Curio can do. And now version 10 is out and it adds even more, which makes a direct comparison to another tool even more impossible.

DayMap For Mac OS X Revved To Version 2.1.1, by MacTech

It offers a way of organizing and scheduling projects and tasks in a visually intuitive Project Outliner and Weekly or Monthly Scheduler.

Typeeto Lets You Use Your Mac Keyboard On Your iPhone, iPad, Or Apple TV, by Jeff Weisbein, BestTechie

Put Save As Back On The File Menu, by Adam C. Engst, TidBITS

A recent reader comment reminded me that just because a solution to a problem has existed for some years doesn’t mean it’s necessarily well known. Randy Spydell asked, in essence, why the File menu has a Duplicate command instead of the traditional Save As command. Implicit in his question was “and is there any way to bring back Save As?”


Microsoft Takes Wraps Off PowerApps Mobile-App Creation Service, by Mary Jo Foley, ZDNet

PowerApps -- codenamed Project Kratos -- is designed to allow business users and developers to create custom native, mobile, and Web apps that can be shared simply across their organizations. Microsoft officials announced the opening of the invitation-only PowerApps preview and are demonstrating PowerApps running on iOS, Android, Windows and the Web during the opening day of the Convergence EMEA conference on November 30.


Q&A With Apple Exec About News App, by Brian Stelter, CNN

"News organizations today have lots to worry about: Each of them has to worry about building their own apps, the interfaces, the user experience." Particularly for local news outlets that can't afford their own apps, "This gives them an opportunity to focus on what they do really well, which is the journalism part, and let us handle the technology piece of building the apps and distributing them."

Here Comes Apple Music For Sonos, by John Paczkowski, BuzzFeed

Sonos said Monday that Apple’s new streaming music service will debut on its wireless speakers before the end of the year. Apple Music will become available as a public beta on Sonos starting December 15 with general availability to begin in early 2016. [...] Sonos will let people access Apple Music’s For You, My Music, New, and Radio — basically everything but “Connect,” a social feature intended to link artists with their fans.

Touch ID Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving, by Matt Asay, ReadWrite

Faster than a card swipe and easier for those of us that can hardly remember what to do with a pen, Touch ID-enabled Apple Pay is inevitable, even if you haven't yet succumbed.

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