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Wed, Dec 2, 2015The Bottom-Of-Plastic-Bucket Edition

iPhone-And-bucket System Helps Doctors Pinpoint Inner Ear Problems, by Jonah Comstock, MobiHealthNews

It’s hard to imagine a better blend of high tech and low tech than an iPhone stuck to the bottom of a plastic bucket. But that combination is exactly what the diagnosis of vestibular conditions in children calls for, according to physicians at Boston Children’s Hospital, who recently validated the technique in a paper published in the International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology.

Health Care: Internet Use Is Good, But Much More Needed, by Steve Wildstorm, Re/code

It’s not surprising that the ResearchKit efforts are focused on some of the dominant conditions. It’s a likely place for relatively quick gains. The provisions that make the sharing of information through public but secure networks offers an even greater advantage.

I don’t know if Apple finds much business out of this, but it is a big and important deal. To the extent they can push for better communication of health care information of all sorts while maintaining security, it is an even better gain.

Taking Care Of Your Photos

Declutter Your iPhone's Image Library With PhotoPanda, by Jeff Byrnes, AppAdvice

PhotoPanda uses its own algorithms to evaluate your photographs, determining which ones are duplicates, too dark, or too blurry. It also detects selfies and screenshots, putting them within their own category so you can deal with them separately.

On1 Photo 10 Review: From Suite To Sweet: Photo Editing App Does It All, by William Porter, Macworld

No other single app in active development for Mac OS X provides the range of features found in On1 Photo 10: competent file management tools, outstanding editing tools including support for compositing in layers; and support for just about every export and sharing option you can think of, including, in On1’s PhotoVia, a drop-dead easy way to get your masterpieces over to your iPhone or iPad.

Leaving The Store

Sketch Is Leaving The Mac App Store, by Federico Viticci, MacStories

Sketch is, quite possibly, one of the most popular image editing apps for professionals who use Macs nowadays, and it's yet another high-profile departure from the Mac App Store.

In The Shadow Of Two App Stores, by Rene Ritchie, iMore

No app is entitled to exist and there are certainly no guarantees for success. Yet the App Stores have always felt at least partially designed to givie apps a better shot, especially indies. To open up trusted distribution to everyone.


How To Use Any Remote Control With Your Apple TV, by Christopher Phin, Macworld

The trick here is to pick one of the modes (languages, in our analogy) of your remote control and then teach the Apple TV to understand the commands it’s issuing. This latter process sounds complicated—as anyone who’s learned a foreign language will attest—but the Apple TV makes it easy.

Daylite 6 For Mac And iOS, by Brett Terpstra, MacStories

The task management features of Daylite have also expanded. The constraints of the previous Pipeline/Activity Set features have been augmented by a "Task Lists" feature, allowing free-form creation of task lists that might not be assigned to a linear timeline, with complete control over ordering, a new entry interface, and additional fields for time, location, estimated time, and other details. There's also a new "Smart Filtering Bar" for viewing tasks by details such as assigned team member, category, or keyword.

1Writer: The App That Answers All Your Text Editing Needs, by Ian Betteridge, Alphr

The killer feature for 1Writer is its automation capabilities.

Hands On: Citymapper 5.12 (iOS), by William Gallagher, MacNN

The Levelator 2.1.2 Works In El Capitan, by Adam C. Engst, TidBITS

Understanding “Optimize Mac Storage” In Photos For Mac, by Jason Snell, Six Colors


iOS Onboarding Without Signup Screens, by Sebastian Kreutzberger, Medium

… or how to use the user’s built-in iCloud account for secure, invisible authentication, including code example in Swift 2 at the bottom.

The 100-Hour Rule, by Leo Polovets, Coding VC

I'd like to propose the 100-Hour Rule: "For most disciplines, it only takes one hundred hours of active learning to become much more competent than an absolute beginner."


Apple Shares New 'Ridiculously Powerful' And 'Hey Siri' iPhone 6s Ads, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

Apple tonight shared two new iPhone 6s ads on its YouTube channel, highlighting the Hey Siri feature and the speed of the device at tasks like opening messages, browsing Safari, using Messages, playing games, and using the camera.

Apple Turns Its Logo Red Again In Honor Of World AIDS Day 2015, by Jared Dipane, iMore

Microsoft Ad Calls For Truce With Apple, If Only For The Holidays, by Maureen Morrison, AdAge

The spot, which will air on TV Dec. 3, features Microsoft store employees -- along with a Harlem children's choir -- singing "Let There Be Peace on Earth" in front of Apple's store on 5th Avenue in New York. It was created by Microsoft's agency, McCann's M:United.

London Pensioner Successfully Sues Apple For Wiping Honeymoon Photos From His Phone, by Tom Marshall, Evening Standard

A pensioner who sued Apple for wiping his treasured honeymoon snaps from his phone has been awarded £2,000 after winning the court case.

A Letter To Our Daughter, by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

We Asked An Ornithologist To Factcheck Angry Birds–And The Results Might Surprise You by Jess Zimmerman, Atlas Obscura

As it turns out, the central premise—beef between the birds and pigs—holds water. Sometimes, birds and pigs really are enemies.

Leaving A Universe Of Dents

When I die, I believe I'll just die. Gone. Poof. So, realistically, I don't care what happened after I die.

But, when I die, I wish to be forgotten. I don't wish to have anyone remember me, or the work that I've done. I don't wish to be identified, and I don't wish to leave marks bearing my name.

Let the dents (if any) that I've made in this universe speak for themselves. Let them work their magic in their quiet ways, and not announce who made the dents.

If I do get to be reincarnated into a future life, I don't want that future person/animal/whatever to know that I exist.

If I do get to be reincarnated into a past life, I will not leave any notes to my current self. (Well, if this kind of reincarnation actually happens, my plans is working perfectly thus far, because I haven't receive any notes yet in this life.)

And if I do get to be reincarnated into all lives, then everything is moot, right?


Thanks for reading.