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Sun, Dec 6, 2015The By-Design Edition

Can’t Put Down Your Device? That’s By Design, by Natasha Singer, New York Times

Mr. Hochmuth, the co-author of the “Network Effect” project, said he was hopeful that market forces would eventually inspire sites and apps to explore more varied designs and user interfaces.

“I think something will actually change — the question is where will change come from?” he said, noting that the organic food movement started with small producers, not the mass-produced food industry. Online services that give users more options and control, he concluded, “may not come from the incumbent players.”

Smartphones Bring Solace And Aid To Desperate Refugees, by Alessandra Ram, Wired

Many refer to the exodus from Syria as a “modern migration.” It’s an apt description, given the role technology—and apps in particular—play in the largest mass migration since World War II.

Master Of The House: Why We Should Fight For Truly Private Spaces, by Thomas McMullan, The Guardian

“I wonder about our immediate response to things, be it a massacre in Paris or a relationship breakup – I wonder if the first thing that we think is the thing that we really think. Whether we’ve lost the ability to go away, sit down in the dark without anything blinking and ask what we really think about this, instead of going, ‘What should I think about this? How can I phrase it in a pithy 140 characters?’ If we’re losing that ability I don’t know what that means for democracy. I don’t know what that means for politics. I don’t know what that means for healthy relationships, rhetoric, discussion, ideas, art.”

The Morning Man Alarm Clock App: A Sexy Wake-Up Call, Christy Choi, South China Monring Post

Each night, users select the nationality of the man who will be waking them up.

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My phone wants to autocorrect ewok into eWorld, and it’s been nearly twenty years Apple, it’s time to let go.

— James Thomson (@jamesthomson) December 6, 2015


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