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Sun, Dec 20, 2015The Administrative-Work Edition

Why Do I Have To Call This App ‘Julie’?, by Joanne McNeil, New York Times

Dag Kittlaus, who helped create Siri, has said the app gets its name, in part, from a woman he knew in Norway. Cortana was named after a feminine artificial intelligence agent in the video game franchise Halo, and Microsoft even hired the same voice actress for its service. Founders of two virtual assistant apps said they were inspired by helpmates on TV: Dawn gets its name from Don Draper’s assistant on “Mad Men,” and Donna after an assistant on “The West Wing.” It seems like developers decided on Julie, Amy and Clara only because these are common women’s names. These products, representing new technological possibilities, play into old stereotypes about what gender is best suited for administrative work.


Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour Film Now Available Exclusively On Apple Music, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

The 1989 World Tour film was filmed primarily in front of 76,000 fans during her stop at ANZ Stadium in Sydney on Nov. 28. The film features the entire performance of Swift’s show that night, as well as a variety of other footage.

The Health-Care Games, by Lynn Curwin, Truro Daily News

Jarad Nichols and Jason Crow, game development students at the Truro campus, helped with development of iCare Adventure during a co-op placement with EverAge Consulting.

"This asks the children things like what hurts, so that they can be diagnosed," said Crow. "They can also watch videos and play games on it so it keeps them entertained, alleviating any stress or fear they might be feeling."

CauseNetwork Lets Shoppers Donate, Retailers Look Good, by Aaron Gregg, Washington Post


Apple's Slow App Store Slowness Has A Silver Lining, by Laura Mandaro, USA Today

"While a little Draconian, it's helpful to keep a standard of quality across the apps. It's a little frustrating sometimes, but overall it ends up with a much more consistent user experience," said Jeff McConathy, vice president of consumer engineering for real estate service Trulia, which has had an Apple mobile app since 2008 (It doesn't have an app for Macs, instead directing users to its website.)


Secret Code Found In Juniper’s Firewalls Shows Risk Of Government Backdoors, by Kim Zetter, Wired

Regardless of the precise nature of the VPN backdoor, the issues raised by this latest incident highlight precisely why security experts and companies like Apple and Google have been arguing against installing encryption backdoors in devices and software to give the US government access to protected communication.

“This is a very good showcase for why backdoors are really something governments should not have in these types of devices because at some point it will backfire,” Prins says.

Consumer Electronics Competition Is Shifting To The High End, by Jan Dawson, Re/code

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