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Wed, Dec 23, 2015The Thirteen-Studio-Albums Edition

Beatles Music Joins Streaming Services, by Leo Kelion, BBC

Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal and Amazon Prime Music are among nine services that will offer the band's tracks worldwide. [...] The deal involves rights to stream 224 songs from the original 13 studio albums released in the UK as well as "essential" collections including Past Masters.


Alternatives To Apple’s Wi-Fi Base Stations, by Glenn Fleishman, TidBITS

If you don’t need specific AirPort-only features and are willing to brave Web-based router administration and a steeper learning curve, you have a couple of alternatives that cost substantially less and offer capabilities Apple doesn’t include and likely never will.

Hands On: Copied 1.1.1 (iOS), by William Gallagher, MacNN

Copied 1.1.1 for iOS -- and its companion Mac app,Copied 1.1.0 - have been updated with a couple of extra goodies but that's not why we're revisiting the topic for a second Hands On. The real reason is that we are the ones who've had an upgrade: when we first tried Copied we could see all the benefits, we could appreciate the app and we both could and did recommend it. However, we also thought that if you already had a clipboard manager for iOS there was no advantage to switching over to this. We were wrong. Ditch whatever you're using now and go get Copied.

A Better Finder Rename Is A Useful Tool For Creative Pros, by Dennis Sellers, Apple World Today

A Better Finder Rename is great for creative professionals, digital photographers, web masters, music collectors, audio specialists, users who need to transfer files from Windows or UNIX, as well as for other Mac users who routinely deal with large numbers of files. You know who you are.


Automate To Save Mental Energy, Not Time, by John D. Cook

Automation can be like a battery as well as an investment. Putting energy into batteries is a bad investment; you’ll never get out as much energy as you put in. But that’s not why you put energy into batteries. You put energy in while you can so you can use some of that energy later when you need it.


Apple Starts Offering Proxy Access To Give Shareholders More Power Over Board Of Directors, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

This move on Apple’s part allows for its shareholders to have an increased say in control of the board of directors and candidates competing for a spot on the board.

Apple Wins Complete Victory In Class-Action Lawsuit That Claimed iMessage Was Rigged To Not Deliver Texts To Android Phones, by Jim Edwards, Business Insider

Apple has won a complete victory in a lawsuit that claimed the company wiretaps Android users by intercepting, and then failing to deliver, texts sent from iPhones to Android phones.

Why You Should Always Buy The Men’s Version Of Almost Anything, by Danielle Paquette, Washington Post

The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs compared nearly 800 products with female and male versions — meaning they were practically identical except for the gender-specific packaging — and uncovered a persistent surcharge for one of the sexes. Controlling for quality, items marketed to girls and women cost an average 7 percent more than similar products aimed at boys and men.

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