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Mon, Dec 28, 2015The Firsthand-Investigation Edition

The Secret To Finding The Best Mobile Apps: Try Everything, by Nick Statt, The Verge

In an era of free services and near-instant downloads, it often costs us nothing but our time and a little bit of effort to experiment with half a dozen products before settling on the one we're most comfortable with. And nothing is ever perfect. No matter what we read, or how many stars or good reviews something has, it takes a firsthand investigation to see if it's perfect for you.


I Can't Imagine Using My Computer Without This App, by Tim Stenovec, TechInsider

For the past few years, I've been using an app called f.lux. And I can't imagine using my computer without it.

How To Lock Down Your iPhone Or Family iPad And Make It Safe For The Kids To Use, by Jeff Parsons, The Mirror

There are basically two different ways to do this. Guided Access lets you lock your iPhone or iPad to a single app - which is perfect for just handing it to your kids for a car journey or Christmas afternoon.

Alternatively, you can use Restrictions lock down the entire gadget and make it safe to be left completely with your children.


China Passes Antiterrorism Law That Critics Fear May Overreach, by Chris Buckley, New York Times

In the end, the approved law published by state media dropped demands in the draft version that would have required Internet companies and other technology suppliers to hand over encryption codes and other sensitive data for official vetting before they went into use.

But the law still requires that companies hand over technical information and help with decryption when the police or state security agents demand it for investigating or preventing terrorist cases.

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I wish for an alarm clock that, when I wake up in the middle of the night, will just tell me one of the following status: 1) go back to sleep, 2) might as well wake up now.


I woke up in pain in the middle of the night this morning: Muscle cramp in both of my legs, and it lasted for quite a few seconds. Fortunately, I was able to get back to sleep right after that, or I'll be grumpy for the entire today due to the lack of sleep. (I'm grumpy for other reasons.)

I was having a nightmare just before having that cramp. Yes, true nightmare. I were doing SQL statements in the sleep. (Occupational hazard?)


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