The Internal-Ad-Agency Edition Friday, January 1, 2016

The Great Apple Advertising Experiment, by Ken Segall

Tor’s hiring comes with the quieter announcement that longtime in-house creative leader Hiroki Asai is “retiring.” I really liked Hiroki. He’s a good guy and a talented designer. But he isn’t exactly entering his golden years. So … retiring? Far more believable is the idea that an in-house agency needs the leadership of an accomplished agency guy.

If you want to see where all of this is leading, you also have to look at it from Tor’s point of view. Tor is a global player in the agency world. He thrives on creating big, breakthrough ad campaigns. He wouldn’t accept a job at Apple if it involved anything less. So, yes, it sure looks like Apple is building internal ad agency.

A Proxy War: Apple Ad-blocking Software Scares Publishers But Rival Google Is Target, by Alex Hern, The Guardian

Ad blocking has been around for almost as long as the web, and yet most people still view most ads. If the sky is falling, it has taken a long time to hit the ground.


Digging Deeper For Missing Mac Mail Messages, by J. D. Biersdorfer, New York Times

Depending on the version of El Capitan your Mac is running, the mail accounts in question and where you check messages, you may have a few other troubleshooting steps available if the Rebuild command under the Mailbox menu has not helped.

Jot Down Your New Year’s Resolutions With Everlist, by Sandy Stachowiak, AppAdvice

Everlist is a task list manager that brings a gorgeous interface, smart icons for to-dos, and easy management of your lists.


Write Code Every Day, by Ville Hellman, Medium

Nearly 2 years ago now I read a fantastic article by John Resig titled “Write Code Every Day” in which he describes a scenario where he’s not happy with the progress he is making on his side projects. To remedy this he decided to write code every single day and open source it. I can’t recommend reading through his original article enough.

I can admit I've not managed this, not even close, but what I have done is attempted it several times with slight adjustments, thought about it a lot and more importantly managed to get a whole lot more done than I had before.

This is what I've learnt about it.

Why Go Still Foils The Computers, by Chistopher Chabris, Wall Street Journal

With top technology firms racing to build more intelligence into their products, computer Go research has considerable symbolic value. Go is a deeper game than chess, and mastering it is thought to require more humanlike skills of pattern recognition and intuitive judgment.


Why You May Have ‘ 46 Years Of Friendships’ On Facebook, by Deepa Seetharaman, Wall Street Journal

But the likely cause is something called the Unix Epoch. Unix is a computer operating system that underpins most servers and mobile devices. It keeps time by counting up from Jan. 1, 1970, at midnight Greenwich Mean Time. A server error or bug may have reset the clock for Facebook’s feature that alerts users of friendship anniversaries. The GMT timetable is likely why many Americans are seeing this notification on New Year’s Eve.

Nullarbor Links, by Atlas Obscura

The world's longest golf course stretches across 1,365 km of featureless Australian outback with each hole sitting miles and miles apart from each other, often in different towns.

Bottom of the Page

I think I need to figure out what will be a good replacement for Evernote. The most wonderful feature of Evernote is the cross-platform-ness. And by cross-platform, Evernote do mean cross-platform: I use the service on all of the following platforms: Mac OS X, iOS, and Windows. Unfortunately, it's all the other features that I am not so impressed.


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