The Q2-2016 Edition Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Apple Q2 2016 Results: $50.6 Billion Revenue, 51.2 Million iPhones, 10.3 Million iPads Sold, by Federico Viticci, MacStories

Apple has just published their financial results for Q2 2016, which covered the three months from January through March 2016. The company posted revenue of $50.6 billion and earnt a quarterly net profit of $10.5 billion. Through the quarter it sold 10.3 million iPads, 51.2 million iPhones, and 4 million Macs.

Picking Apart Apple’s Q2 2016 Numbers, by Jason Snell, Six Colors

So in other words, if you like profits and strong sales, Apple has that. They’re not not what they were last year—and that’s not a great sign for Wall Street. But don’t let someone tell you that Apple’s in trouble, or that it lost money, or that iPhone sales are cratering, because none of that is true. What is true is that after many years of growth, some of it staggeringly inflationary growth, Apple didn’t grow this quarter. If you’re an investor, that may be quite painful. If you’re a user of Apple’s products, it probably won’t affect you much at all.

Apple Pay Is 'Growing At A Tremendous Rate' With 5X More Transaction Volume Than Last Year, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

During the call, Cook said Apple Pay would expand to additional locations "soon,".

Demand For iPhone SE Is 'Very Strong,' Exceeds Available Supply, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the iPhone SE puts Apple in a strategic plan to attract new customers with its affordable price point and powerful internal specifications.

Apple Music Now Has 13 Million Paying Subscribers, Up From 11 Million In February, by Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac

Apple is looking towards its Internet Services businesses to support future revenue growth, so strong performance of Apple Music is crucial to the bottom line as sales of iOS devices flatline (or fall).

Apple Forecasts Another Revenue Decline Next Quarter, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

Apple expects third quarter revenue of between $41 billion and $43 billion, which would be up to 18 percent lower than the $49.6 billion in revenue it posted in the year-ago quarter.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Optimistic On China Despite 26% Dip In Revenue, by Mikey Campbell, AppleInsider

Apple Adds $50B To Capital Return Program, Increases Quarterly Dividend By 10%, by AppleInsider

This Is Tim: Apple's CEO On The Company's 2016 Q2 Earnings, by Rene Ritchie and Jason Snell, iMore


The Problem With Deleting Photos From Your Device With iCloud Photo Library Enabled, by Glenn Fleishman, Macworld

Thus, if you delete an image in any associated app, you’re telling iCloud Photo Library to remove that image from its “truth,” which means to delete it from the central repository and sync that change to all endpoints.

Turn To Path Finder When The Mac OS X Finder Isn’t Flexible Enough, by Dennis Sellers, Apple World Today

It's a standalone application that looks and operates much like the Finder, but with extra features and enhancements. It's optimized for single window use, eliminating the clutter of overlapping windows.

Better File Juggling With Yoink, by John Voorhees, MacStories

With Yoink, I can work in one app at a time, parking each on Yoink’s shelf until I’m ready for the next step. The difference is subtle, but I find that working modally in one app at a time ultimately saves me time and makes it less likely that I have to go hunting for an image in the file system.

Design And Find New Colors With Colordot, by Jake Underwood, MacStories

Developer Hailpixel describes Colordot as an app for "anyone who loves color" – which is justified by the fact that the app's only purpose is to fiddle around with color. Essentially, Colordot is a color selection tool for the rest of us; through some simple gestures, you'll create one or more colors, get its hex triplet, and assign it to a palette.


Apple Says FBI Gave It First Vulnerability Tip On April 14, by Joseph Menn, Reuters

The FBI informed Apple Inc of a vulnerability in its iPhone and Mac software on April 14, the first time it had told the company about a flaw in Apple products under a controversial White House process for sharing such information, the company told Reuters on Tuesday. [...] The vulnerability that was disclosed to Apple involved older versions of the iPhone and the Mac, Apple said.

FBI Plans To Keep Apple iPhone-Hacking Method Secret, by Devlin Barrett, Wall Street Journal

The Federal Bureau of Investigation doesn’t plan to tell Apple it cracked a San Bernardino, Calif., terrorist’s phone, said people familiar with the matter, leaving the company in the dark on a security vulnerability on some iPhone models.

The FBI knows how to use the phone-hacking tool it bought to open the iPhone 5c but doesn’t specifically knows how it works, allowing the tool to avoid a White House review, the people said, The FBI plans to notify the White House of this conclusion in the coming days, they added.

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