The Building-Health Edition Thursday, April 28, 2016

Apple’s Plan To Turn The iPhone Into A Medical Wonder Starts Now, by Lisa Eadicicco, Time

“[Medical apps] are usually written by people who have no sense of user experience, and are driven in a lot of ways by fear,” says Dachis. “For a data driven disease like diabetes, you really need all of the pieces of the puzzle in one place.”

Dachis’ frustrations led him to develop One Drop, an app that allows diabetics to manage their health by tracking data from their glucose meters, logging the number of carbohydrates in their meals, and offering insulin shot reminders.

iPhone maker Apple is now hoping to improve health apps like One Drop by offering developers new tools for building health apps. The Cupertino, Calif.-based firm on Thursday is rolling out “CareKit,” which gives app makers a suite of new tools for creating health software.

Apple Dives Straight Into Health Care With Release Of First CareKit Apps, by Arielle Duhaime-Ross, The Verge

Today, Apple announced the release of the very first apps made using CareKit, an open software platform that lets developers create iPhone apps that can help people manage various medical conditions and share information with their doctors. Among the four apps released today is one that helps users manage their diabetes, and one that people can use to track symptoms of depression. For Apple, the move signals the company's first real step into the realm of true health care, as opposed to scientific research or simple health tracking. But given that 20 percent of US doctors still haven't started using electronic health records, it's unclear what sort of impact CareKit will have on the health care industry as a whole.

Rose Gold Is The New Bondi Blue

Why Everybody And Your Mom Is Obsessed With Rose Gold, by David Pierce, Wired

Consumers love it for the subliminal sense of peace and calm it provides in an increasingly hectic world. Companies love it because it conveys opulence and comfort, two things that aren’t easily communicated with a metal rectangle. Ultimately, a rose gold gadget is more than a gadget. It’s a choice, a decision that says something about what you value.

Campus News

Apple Campus Death: Employee Dead In Company Conference Room In 'Isolated Incident', by Mark Gomez and Robert Salonga, San Jose Mercury News

Emergency dispatch audio archived online reported that the male was bleeding from the head, and "possibly has a gun," and was being escorted by security personnel. A few minutes later, dispatchers reported that "a body is in one of the conference rooms with a gun." It is unclear whether those reports are describing the same instance, but both coincide with the timing of the emergency call.

Man Found Dead At Apple Headquarters In California, by Julia Love, Reuters

"We are heartbroken by the tragic loss of a young and talented coworker. Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends, including the many people he worked with here at Apple," the company said in a statement.

Just A Few Extra Miles

Girl, 12, Runs Half-marathon By Mistake, by Victoria E. Freile, Democrat & Chronicle

When LeeAdianez Rodríguez hit the pavement Sunday, she planned to run 3.1 miles.

Instead, the 12-year-old Irondequoit girl accidentally ran her first-ever half-marathon, giving her mother a major fright for more than an hour.


Review: Apple MacBook, by David Pierce, Wired

On the off chance you do need to plug in a flash drive, it’s going to be a pain. But for the most part, the world is ready for a beautiful, thin, light laptop with a great screen, a weird keyboard, and exactly one port. It’s an online world. People work in too many places, in too many ways, to need accessories and outlets and adapters.

Review: SanDisk’s New Lightning To USB Drive For iPhone Adds USB 3 & A Wraparound Design, by Jordan Kahn, 9to5Mac

They didn’t innovate much as far as the design goes, but they borrowed what I think is the best design for this product and perfected it in the process. The storage and pricing options stack up fairly against the competitors, USB 3.0 is a welcomed addition, and with a decent companion app with no major flaws, I’d recommend it as the best option out there as far as Lightning to USB drives for your iPhone and iPad go.

PDFpen 8 Makes It Easier To Digitally Sign And Annotate Documents On The Mac, by Harish Jonnalagadda, iMore

New features include the ability to validate digital signatures, as well as sign using AATL or self-signed certificates, record audio annotations, and attach files to documents.

Philips Releases Hue 'Gen 2' App With Routines, Rooms & Other Improvements, by Roger Finas, AppleInsider

Routines are schedules based on activities, and specifically geared towards different temperatures and intensities of white light. A "Wake Up" routine, for instance, will gradually increase brightness as the sun rises, while "Nightlight" will output dim warm light so as to make it easier to go back to sleep.

PBS Kids Games App Creates A Free Walled Garden, You Know, For Kids!, by David Katzmaier, CNET

Launching today is a new free app from PBS Kids that collects many of its free games in one place. Currently the app contains 25 games featuring popular characters from PBS childrens' shows, including Peg + Cat's Chicken Dance, Wild Kratts' Rhino Bowl and Sid the Science Kid's Crystals Rule. More games will be added on a weekly basis.


Apple And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Drop In iPhone Sales, by John Gruber, Daring Fireball

We might be seeing “peak iPhone”. But it could just be a statistical blip, caused in large part by the iPhone 6’s exceptional popularity, along with other factors like the economy in China and currency exchange rates. There’s simply not enough data to know.

Inside Pandora's Plan To Reinvent Itself—And Beat Back Apple And Spotify, by John Paul Titlow, Fast Company

Even before its unexpected CEO swap, Pandora was busy charting a new course. Late last year, it acquired the remains of struggling Spotify competitor Rdio, concert ticket seller Ticketfly, and Next Big Sound, a startup that tracks music online and offers detailed analytics to artists and labels. The acquisitions signaled a two-pronged strategy: Turn Pandora into a more comprehensive, Spotify-esque place for listening to music, while also making it a more valuable (and hopefully lucrative) resource for musicians. The time line on launching these new initiatives, Westergren assures me, has not changed, although like any executive operating in the ever-fluctuating digital music space, he’s hesitant to give exact dates.

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