The Changed-URLs Edition Sunday, May 1, 2016

Man Alive Again, by And Now It's All This

Yesterday, I discovered that Apple had changed the URLs of all its online man pages. Without, I should add, creating redirects so old links would continue to work. This broke all the man page links I had here at ANIAT and undoubtedly broke links across the internet.

App Store Educational “Discount”, by Michael Tsai

And it’s actually worse than just letting them use it for free, because now Avatron has an unexpected revenue hole for this year.

'Very Troubling': Analysts Question The Way Apple Describes Its Data, by Jim Edwards, Business Insider

To be clear, these criticisms are minor. The data they are complaining about are not stats that Apple officially reports in its SEC disclosures. Cook's commentary is merely colour, intended only to help analysts interpret the official data. And analysts are not saying any of that data is wrong. [...] But still.

What Apple Has To Fear From China, by Zachary Karabell, New Yorker

The pace at which China is building its walled-off world, filled with hardware and software created by Chinese companies, with only selectively allowed non-Chinese content, is accelerating.

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