The Disney-Squabbles Edition Sunday, May 15, 2016

Why Disney Infinity Was Cancelled, by Rob Keyes, Screenrant

Despite Disney Infinity utilizing Disney-owned properties, there were a significant number of mind-boggling obstacles with licensing that caused all sorts of restrictions. In that respect, the business sort of killed its own business. Brands couldn’t exactly overlap with ease, so Marvel, Lucasfilm and other Disney IPs each presented their own squabbles.

Apple Pay A Wake-up Call To Canada's Banks — And Toronto's Economy, by Jennifer Wells, The Star

The arrival of Apple Pay reminds us that banking in the modern age is an inherently intangible industry. Pricewaterhouse Coopers used that language in a report two years ago as it explored how banking is “almost uniquely suitable for digitization and online delivery.” This has enabled emerging economies to bypass the bricks and mortar, or “branch-and-mainframe” phase of banking. It has also driven advanced-economy banks in the wake of the financial crisis to introduce “more radical adjustments and innovations to their service offerings and operating models than their counterparts elsewhere.”

When Websites Won’t Take No For An Answer, by Natasha Singer, New York Times

Harry Brignull, a user-experience consultant in Britain who helps websites and apps develop consumer-friendly features, has a professional bone to pick with sites that seem to maneuver people into signing up for services they might not actually want.

He even has a name for the exploitative techniques: “dark patterns.” To him, these are debased versions of the typical sign-up, sharing, shopping, checkout and download processes that are standard practice online.

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