The Warmer-Stores Edition Monday, May 30, 2016

The Union Square Apple Store Message, by Jean-Louis Gassée, Monday Note

Warmer and less “mineral” than the stark minimalism of previous Apple Stores, my spouse sees touches of Angela Ahrendts’ Burberry past. Dame Angela joined Apple two years ago and, for the most part, stayed out of the limelight. She’s visible to store employees, though, via regular video messages and in-person visits. Liked and respected, avoiding therash moves that sunk her predecessor, she’s now affixed her signature on Apple.

The softer ambiance also helps with the Apple Store’s notorious acoustics: When the new Palo Alto store opened in the Fall of 2012, the hard glass, tile, and metal surfaces coupled with the elongated shapeconspired to make the back of the store louder (85db) than University Avenue traffic outside. No such problem in the new store, even on the very busy opening day.

Commerce Ministry Bats For Local Sourcing Waiver For Apple, by PTI

With the finance ministry rejecting waiver of mandatory local sourcing for Apple Inc to set up single-brand stores in India, the commerce ministry said that it will again push the case of the iPhone maker and a consensus decision should be reached soon.

At the same time, commerce and industry minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that she is not in favour of Apple's another proposal to import refurbished phones and sell in India.


Charm For iPhone Gives You Incredible Control Over Your Twitter Experience, by Alan Henry, Lifehacker

Think of it like Twitter lists, just for everything or anything you want, not just for people.


Three Ways To Solve Hard Programming Problems, by Julia Evans

So, you have a programming problem to solve that seems hard, and you have no software that does it right now. three ways to fix that.

Apps Have Become A Lousy Business For Many, by James Titcomb, Telegraph

Many of the start-ups that initially joined the rush are struggling, and the world of apps has become dominated by the same giants that own the web.


The Inside Story Of Apple's Forgotten Project To Change How We Explore The World From Our Computers, by Kif Leswing, Business Insider

Years before Google and Oculus started daydreaming about virtual reality, Apple already had a “VR” product on the market.

Apple called it QuickTime Virtual Reality, or QuickTime VR.

Lights, Camera, We’re Having A Baby!, by Bruce Feiler, New York Times

Consider the modern couple who have just learned they’re having a baby. How should they inform their friends and family? Write a note? So 1950s. Place a call? So 1970s. Send a mass email? So 1990s.

These days, when couples want to let their loved ones know they’re having a child, they often whip out their cellphones, shoot a video and post it on social media. Couples are putting their babies’ names in lights even before their babies have names.

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