The Made-My-Wife-Cry Edition Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I Made iMovie Magic On The iPad Pro, by Lance Ulanoff, Mashable

iMovie could use a few changes, like something akin to a file system for project management, a better way of managing assets and a much smarter audio track system, but, overall, I am impressed. If you have a new iPad or even an iPad Pro and iMovie (which is free!), why wouldn’t you be doing all your video projects on the iPad?

As for my movie, I'm no Spielberg and Ken Burns would likely be appalled, but I'm happy with it. The quarter-century-late wedding video premiered to a tiny audience on Facebook. It made my wife cry. For me, that’s as good as an Academy Award.

By Design

The iPhone SE Is A Design Classic, by Henry Grabar, Slate

Its ageless style works two ways: It offers the anonymity of an old thing to new buyers, and it relieves any sense of datedness that might otherwise stick to a 4-year-old phone.

Why Can’t The Estonian President Buy A Song Off iTunes For His Latvian Wife?, by Cyrus Farivar, Ars Technica

"Take iTunes," President Ilves continued. "iTunes are based on credit cards. Credit cards are national. I cannot buy an iTunes record for my wife who has a Latvian credit card. I cannot buy her an iTunes record because I have an Estonian iTunes. This is true of virtually everything that is connected to digital services. And certainly this is why Estonia is at the forefront of the European Digital Single Market. As I like to say, it’s easier to ship a bottle of Portuguese wine from southern Portugal in the Algarve and sell it in northern Lapland, than it is for me to buy an iTunes record across the Estonian-Latvian border."


I Used This John Deere App While Mowing My Lawn And It Actually Helped, by John Brandon, Paste Magazine

Mowing your lawn is a springtime ritual. The grass grows, the blades get sharpened.

Now, there’s a new smartphone app that lets you track when you mow, how often, the total time you spend, and even where you mow on your freshly manicured lawn.


Quitting Your Job To Pursue Your Passion Is Bullshit, by Janelle Quibuyen

Being your own boss is tough as shit. You have no one to blame but yourself if things go awry. It's not always what it's cracked up to be. But what bothers me most is how we prop up the entrepreneurial class to be inherently brave and courageous. Let's set the record straight.

The Quiet Crisis Unfolding In Software Development, by Bill Jordan

This article is a very long-winded way to help you learn how to care for your software development employees with best results. If you properly care for your employees they will take care of you, leading to better product outcomes and higher career satisfaction for both you and them.

This is mostly a compilation of common sense but I felt it needed to be compiled in one place for all those low level software development managers out there. I wish it had existed my first day as a software development manager.


Early Computers As Objets D’art, by Kit Buchan, The Guardian

“Dials and buttons, knobs and switches; they’re very charming,” says James Ball, the digital art director behind a new photography series called Guide to Computing, which celebrates early computers. Ball, who works under the pseudonym Docubyte, began the project after developing a fascination and affection for such retro devices.

Bottom of the Page

I use the "Hide Others" menu item in Mac OS X often, so I'm glad that there is an equivalent function in Windows 10. (It is for minimizing, instead of hiding.)

But, having to shake the current window with my mouse makes this command the same level of silliness as shaking my iPad to undo.


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