The Tree-Planting Edition Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Look At Apple’s Insanely Ambitious Tree-planting Plans For Its New Spaceship Campus, by Chris O'Brien, Venturebeat

In a cluster of East Bay nurseries, Apple has been growing more than 4,600 trees, which are nestled in large, wooden boxes. Some time later this year, Apple’s team of arborists will start shipping these trees two or three at time to Cupertino, where they will be painstakingly planted as part of the broader landscaping plan.

The investment in these trees represents the kind of attention to detail, quality, and finish that is classic Apple. Rather than just planting seedlings and watching them develop slowly over 20 years, as many developers do, Apple is hoping to come as close as possible to creating the sensation of a thick, forest-like wonderland right from the start.

iPad Art

Stunning iPad Art Shows Hull As You've Never Seen It Before, by Amy Nicholson, Hull Daily Mail

The digital genius behind this collection is East Yorkshire man Iain Musgrave who is the ultimate modern day artist – the "iPad artist". He creates his artwork using an app called Procreate which allows him to upload a picture and sketch directly on top of it. [...]

"The iPad gives you great flexibility. This is the great thing about digital art, you can mix many different types of techniques together, even photographs and textures you find around the city."


This iPhone App Blocks Behavior-Tracking Ads And Evades Blocker-Blockers, by Joshua Kopstein, Motherboard

Amid the ongoing chaos of the ad-blocking wars, a two-person team of privacy activists have launched Better, a new content-blocking app for iOS with a slightly different approach that seems to evade the blocker-detection schemes of several major sites.

Try These Smartphone Apps To Hold A Virtual Garage Sale, by Max Faulkner, Star-Telegram

So next time you want to get rid of some stuff, see what your smartphone can do for you.


Is The Era Of Free Streaming Music Coming To An End?, by Mar Hogan, Pitchfork

For all the debates about the paucity of payouts to music makers, with ad-supported streaming—unlike with piracy—at least those payouts exist. But now, the industry may be rewriting its compact with free streamers. Streaming services appear to be approaching a point of rebalancing as they try to maximize advertising revenues from the many who don't pony up for monthly subscriptions while at the same time finding new reasons for potential customers to pull out their credit cards.

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After so many months, I still start typing "iPhoto" into Spotlight when I actually meant to launch the Photos app.

Why hasn't Spotlight learnt and adjusted to my habit?


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