The Doing-Business Edition Tuesday, June 28, 2016

ZFS: The Other New Apple File System That Almost Was—until It Wasn’t, by Adam H. Leventhal, Ars Technica

The excruciatingly, debilitatingly slow acquisition of Sun finally closed. The Apple-ZFS deal was brought for Larry Ellison's approval, the first-born child of the conquered land brought to be blessed by the new king. "I'll tell you about doing business with my best friend Steve Jobs," he apparently said, "I don't do business with my best friend Steve Jobs."

And that was the end.

Locks And Keys

Does Apple's Ecosystem Lock In Users?, by Jim Lynch, CIO

So it’s quite possible to use Apple’s devices, along with certain services, but not to be “locked in” to everything Apple offers. There are plenty of alternative services that work very well on macOS and iOS, so nobody is really forced to use Apple’s services if they prefer not to do so.

And if a day ever comes when I really want to leave Apple's ecosystem, I know that I can do that with some reasonable planning (in terms of applications and services on the new platform), and movement of data from my Apple devices and iCloud to the new ecosystem.

Advertise Different

Flipboard CEO Says ‘Class Not Mass’ Advertising Is The Key To Making Money, by Lara O'Reilly, Business Insider

Like many other web companies, Flipboard makes its money by selling ads. But unlike other platforms, which allow marketers to buy ads using automated tools — known as “programmatic” advertising — the curation app is also careful to also curate its advertisers.

Coming Soon

iOS 10 Allows Prioritized App Downloads, Making It Less Painful To Restore From iCloud Backup, by Ben Lovejoy, 9to5Mac

Reddit user nite_ noticed that iOS 10 solves that pain-point by allowing you to prioritize downloads of particular apps. However, you will need a device that supports 3D Touch, as that’s how the feature is accessed.

Swift 3, by Ole Begemann

From an app developer’s perspective, however, the biggest changes are how Swift imports Objective-C code (including Apple’s Cocoa frameworks) and the fantastic improvements Apple has made to Foundation and other frameworks to make using them in Swift feel more natural.


China Tightens Rules For Mobile App Developers, by Adam Jourdan, Reuters

China has tightened rules for mobile app developers including requiring real-name registration and preserving users' activity logs, the country's internet regulator said on Tuesday, as Beijing looks to strengthen oversight of the growing app market.

Microsoft’s Open Source .NET Core And ASP.NET Core Hit 1.0, by Frederic Lardinois, TechCrunch

It’s been over a year and a half since Microsoft first announced the open source .NET Core project, which aims to bring the core parts of Microsoft’s .NET framework (and its cousin, the web-focused ASP.NET Core) to Linux, OS X and other operating systems that the company didn’t previously support. As Microsoft announced today, .NET Core and ASP.NET Core have now hit 1.0.


People Can’t Tell What Apps Use Encryption, And Don’t Really Care, Study Finds, by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai, Motherboard

Even though people have more choices than ever when using mobile messaging apps billed as secure and private, and surveillance and encryption have been steadily in the news for the last few years, some consumers don’t seem to really grasp what an encrypted app actually is, and they might not really care that much, according to a new study.

The Lost Verses Of Sitcom Theme Songs, From Fresh Prince To Cheers, by Eric Grundhauser, Atlas Obscura

Thanks to the song that plays in the opening credits, it's easy to find out the basics of how the Fresh Prince got from Philadelphia to Bel-Air. But what was the in-flight beverage service like? And what did Will say to the cab driver who dropped him off at Uncle Phil's house?