The Performance-Stars Edition Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Young Performers Look To Apps For Stardom, by Ben Sisario, New York Times

Pop stars were once crowned on “American Bandstand” and MTV, but in the YouTube era the connection to fans has been much more personal. The newest talent incubators are apps like YouNow,, Flipagram, Snapchat and Vine, which satisfy millennials’ preference for rapid-fire interactivity. [...]

Increasingly, the apps are also live, giving users a sense of taking part in something immediate, and creating a new class of performance stars on Facebook Live, YouNow and Twitter’s Periscope app who may make music, dance or simply chat.

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Apple Urges Organ Donation Via New iPhone Software, by Brandon Bailey, Associated Press

Apple is adding the option to enroll in a national donor registry by clicking a button within the iPhone's Health app, which can be used manage a variety of health and fitness data. The software will come to all U.S.-based iPhones when the company updates its mobile operating system this fall.


Paste 2.0 — The Best Visual Clipboard Manager For Mac, by Preshit Deorukhkar, Beautiful Pixels

First up, we get Pinboards — a way to organize your clipboard history. With this feature, you can create groups of frequently used snippets that you can keep pinned in the app, so that you can simply copy and paste them with ease.

Grammarian Pro2 Is Better Than Pages’ Proofreader Feature, by Dennis Sellers, Apple World Today

If you want to add better grammar checking features to Pages, try Grammarian Pro2 X from Linguisoft. It checks grammar and spelling errors interactively (as-you-type) or batch checking (all-at-once).


Why The Humble Notebook Is Flourishing In The iPhone Era, by Josephine Wolff, New Republic

There’s an irony in seeing such an old-fashioned technology as the notebook so widely celebrated online. But in another sense, bullet journal pages seem like a natural fit for the aspirational lifestyle motifs of social media. Looking at perfectly planned, beautifully penned bullet journal pages online quickly gives rise to the fundamental pair of emotions that Instagram seems to have been designed to elicit: “Why doesn’t my life look like that?” and “Maybe, with the right pen, and the right notebook, and the right handwriting, and the right stickers—maybe, my life could look like that!”

Fireworks Displays Can’t Include A Perfect Red, White, And Blue, by Shannon Hall, Nautilus

To this day, a deep, vibrant blue is still beyond our reach, despite the fact that fireworks were invented more than a millennium ago. It’s the holy grail for pyrotechnic experts.

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The recent spat between Apple and Spotify highlighted a rule in Apple's App Stores where many had deemed to be user-hostile: apps are not allowed to direct users out of the app for purchases and subscriptions.

However, if you think a bit deeper, you'll discover this is ultimately good for customers. Because, if Apple do allow apps to do this, the logical conclusion is that we will have a whole lot of free apps that you'll have to purchase or subscribe outside of the App Store in order to do anything useful. That means Apple customers will have to key in their credit card details to multiple payment gateways, where probably at least one will have security problems. And there will be at least another one app where it is impossible to unsubscribe. And we will all hate apps.

So, there will be inconvenience -- for example, for Kindle customers. But, I'll say Apple should keep this rule.


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