The Backdoor-Elanor Edition Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mac Malware Opens OS X Backdoor To Attackers, by Henry T. Casey, Tom's Guide

The EasyDoc Converter freeware for OS X may promise to convert files to the Microsoft Office .docx format, but in reality, it hands control of your entire system to dangerous attackers. This according to a report released today (July 5) by Bitdefender Labs that reveals that EasyDoc — an application available on the reputable MacUpdate software website — is the latest piece of Mac malware.

Kite Bones

BBEdit Picks Up Automatic Code Completion, A New Trial Model, And More, by Joseph Keller, iMore

With Kite support, BBEdit can now check your code while you edit. Kite offers code completion and error correction, and will even suggest documentation. BBEdit is the first third-party application with built-in Kite support.

Don't Forget Luck

The Secret To Success: Take Risks, Work Hard, And Get Lucky, by Jason Kottke

There's a lot of luck sprinkled around the success of DF, but perhaps the biggest break Gruber got was Apple's decision to open up the iOS App Store to outside developers.


How To Take Better iPhone Photos At Night, by Joe McGauley, Thrilllist

Here are some quick and easy tips to snap better low-light shots with your smartphone, without filtering it to all hell on Instagram.

Take Your Writing Further With Hemingboard, by Jake Underwood, MacStories

In addition to providing synonyms to spice up your copy, it also gives suggestions for rhymes and puns. By providing an experience that doesn't require you to stop what your writing, Hemingboard is able to make its impact directly – and do a phenomenal job at it.

Paws Is A Mac App For Trello With Native Notifications, by Thorin Klosowski, Lifehacker

Paws jams Trello in a desktop app for Mac, complete with notifications and a handful of keyboard shortcuts.

'Pokemon GO' Begins Rolling Out In The App Store, by Husain Sumra, MacRumors

The game uses augmented reality and real-world maps to allow users to venture into the real world to look for Pokemon to capture. Once collected, Pokemon can be leveled up, traded and used for battle.


Apple, Client-side Applications, And Being “Good At Web Services”, by Bryan Irace

To make a great service, the proprietor must truly understand and buy into one of the web’s core tenets: interoperability. This is only becoming more important as time goes on.

Any Vs AnyObject Vs NSObject, by Craig Grummitt

What is the difference between these three enigmatic types? A sometimes confusing topic, let’s get it straight.


Why Siri Is So Important For Apple, by Tim Bajarin, Time

But to think that Apple’s Siri improvements are reactionary shows a lack of understanding about the company’s work in artificial intelligence (AI). Apple has been working on speech and voice AI solutions for decades. In fact, in 1992, I got involved with the earliest version of its voice technology research, which was tied to an early AI and machine learning engine. Apple has been building on that technology ever since.

Securing A Travel iPhone, by

I believe iOS to be the most secure platform one can use at this time, but there are a lot of switches and knobs. This list optimizes for security versus convenience.

The Sneaky Way Broadcasters Are Using TV On The Radio, by Ernie Smith, Atlas Obscura

As analog TV gave way to digital, a handful of risk-taking broadcasters, sensing an opportunity, have started to run those analog TV stations as FM radio stations—big FCC plans be damned. The shift is surprisingly contentious in the world of broadcast.

City Workers Destroy 'Holy Grail' For Earthquake Scientists — Without Even Knowing It, by Rong-Gong Lin II, Los Angeles Times

For nearly half a century, thousands trekked to Rose and Prospect streets to behold a slice of sidewalk that, by conventional standards, had no curb appeal.

Pulled apart so that it no longer aligned, the humble curb wasn’t much to look at. But for earthquake scientists, it was a kind of Holy Grail, perfectly illustrating the seismic forces at work underneath this Bay Area neighborhood.

Bottom of the Page

If you find someone who has won big in a lottery and ask him (or her) how he (or she) managed to win, chances are he (or she) will tell you about the very sophisticated system that he (or she) has managed to use to predict the winning numbers, or that he (or she) had prayed very very hard (to whoever) before winning big. Not many will reply that it's just dumb luck.

Similiarily, if you ask someone who is successful -- however one defines success -- rarely will luck be mentioned.

But, luck is ever present behind every successful person. Including you and me. Never forget to attribute to luck as one of the many factors that has helped you be successful.

And, more importantly, give a hand to those who are as hardworking as you (given their circumstances), but just didn't have the good luck yet. Be their lucky star.


Thanks for reading.