The Design-Your-Life Edition Monday, September 26, 2016

Design The Life You Want: JJ Acuna’s Key To A Nomadic Creative Life Is An iPad Pro, by Elissa Loi, Stuff

When the iPad Pro first made its appearance last year, it didn't receive the best reviews given that it was packing iOS instead of macOS (or OS X as it was known at that point). However, what is perceived as its Archilles heel is actually what makes it so popular with the creative industry - a vast landscape of apps that make it easy to create backed up with enough horsepower to keep everything running seamlessly.

Which Wine Apps Actually Help You Choose And Buy The Best Wine?, by Elin McCoy, Bloomberg

I’m a skeptical non-techie, so I spent last week testing out Wine Ring, the just launched Omnipair (which aims to help you pick the right wine in a restaurant), and the latest versions of a dozen other wine apps to see what, exactly, they deliver. Several stood out as worth downloading; others seriously underperformed.


Picture Keeper Connect Review: Simple Photo Backup For The Entire Family, by J.R. Bookwalter, Macworld

Plug it in, launch the free app, and tap Start Backup to copy all of your photos, videos, and/or contacts onto the thumb drive.

Postbox 5.0.2, by Agen G. N. Schmitz, TidBITS

Featuring a refined user interface and compatibility with macOS 10.12 Sierra, Postbox has updated its email client to version 5.0 with a number of new features. This major new release can now add dynamic data fields to Responses and Templates, enabling you to populate these custom placeholder fields with company names, people, products, events, and more.

Weather Underground Adds Personalized "Smart Forecasts" To iOS App, by Steven Sande, Apple World Today

Have you ever wished that you could make a standard weather app reflect your interests and lifestyle? That's the idea behind the new "Smart Forecasts" feature added today to the free Wunderground app.


Long Before Internet Porn, There Was ‘MacPlaymate’, by Fernando Alfonso III, Mel

MacPlaymate started as a joke, one that Mike Saenz told 30 years ago at a friend’s birthday party in New York City. A joke that appeared as a pixelated woman named Maxine in the confines of an Apple Macintosh. It was funny and everyone loved it, but that joke would become the most complicated relationship in Saenz’s life.

The Trademarking Of "Taco Tuesday", by Alex Mayyasi, Priceonomics

In other words, Waara and Taco John’s executives would really like you to stop using the phrase Taco Tuesday, if you please. Because by some ungodly power of alliteration, nothing sells tacos like Taco Tuesday, and Taco John’s executives desperately want to hold on to their invention.

But did they invent it?