The Cloudy-Outlook Edition Saturday, October 8, 2016

Syncing Feeling: iCloud Drive In macOS Sierra, by Jason Senll, Six Colors

For many classes of Mac user, the risks are low and the benefits are great. For other classes, the right answer is to do what Apple recommends in its tech note: walk away.

“OS X” Branding Lingers On, by Stephen Hackett, 512 Pixels

With Apple changing Mac OS X to macOS this summer, it’s not surprising that some loose ends with the old branding are still easy to find. In comparison with actual issues, this is admittedly silly, but I’ve turned it into a little game.

Using The Bedtime Timer In iOS 10, by Josh Centers, TidBITS

The Bedtime timer sets its own alarm for waking you up in the morning, so you don’t need to set one in the Alarm screen unless you need to make sure you’re up at a particular time.

Inside Apple’s New Audio Adapter, by iFixit

[I]t appears Apple’s engineers did their job, and this tiny adapter performs better than most people expected or even thought possible.


Facebook’s New Events App Could Be A Trojan Horse Rival To Google Calendar, by Tim Peterson, Marketing Land

Facebook has become a popular place for people to pencil in their plans. Every day more than 100 million people — about 9% of Facebook’s daily audience — use the social network’s events feature, per Facebook. So now Facebook is spinning off events into own mobile app — which may become more than an event-specific calendar and more of a general-purpose calendar a la Google Calendar.

This Brilliant iPhone Hack Is The Perfect Solution To That "Ducking" Autocorrect Problem, by Melanie Ehrenkranz, Mic

Just create a new iPhone contact for "fuck fucker" (or any other curse words that your operating system tries to autocorrect) for unobstructed swearing.


How To Cut Cake Fairly And Finally Eat It Too, by Erica Klarreich, Quanta Magazine

Two young computer scientists have figured out how to fairly divide cake among any number of people, setting to rest a problem mathematicians have struggled with for decades. Their work has startled many researchers who believed that such a fair-division protocol was probably impossible. [...]

The algorithm is extraordinarily complex: Dividing a cake among n players can require as many as n^n^n^n^n^n steps and a roughly equivalent number of cuts. Even for just a handful of players, this number is greater than the number of atoms in the universe. But the researchers already have ideas for making the algorithm much simpler and faster, said the other half of the team, Haris Aziz, a 35-year-old computer scientist at the University of New South Wales and Data61, a data research group in Australia.

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I don't see how Apple can follow Google in offering significant storage space on iCloud for free for life. Google can do it because every year that the company offers free cloud storage space is another year it can generate advertisment revenue out of customer's data. Apple -- at least with its current business model -- doesn't do that. Whatever portion of profit from the sale of phones Apple extract out to offer free iCloud storage, that money will run out eventually.

However, I do see Apple offering free storage space for a fixed amount of time. For example, customers may get 2 years of 1 TB free with the purchase of an iPhone. When the 2 year period is up, customers either have to start paying for iCloud, or buy another phone to get another 2 years free.

Of course, if Apple do pursue this, Apple should definitely give more years of free storage to Mac customers. After all, Apple doesn't give us good reasons to buy a new Mac every other year. :-)


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