The How-Time-Appears Edition Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hands-on: Apple Watch Nike+ Special Features In Action Ahead Of October 28 Release, by Zac Hall, 9to5Mac

Apple Watch Nike+ features two unique watch faces that feature Nike’s signature font and Volt color with both digital and analog versions. You can customize the style of both Nike watch faces including how the time appears, plus there’s a permanent complication that offers instant access to the Nike+ Run Club app.

Apple Has A Temporary Workaround If The Home Button Fails On An iPhone 7, by Tim Hardwick, MacRumors

A dialog prompt warns that the home button is in need of repair, but presents an alternative onscreen home button for temporary use until the phone has been turned in to Apple for servicing.

Lost In Sierra: Five Missing Features, by Adam C. Engst, TidBITS

Although Apple mostly adds features to new releases of the Mac operating system, it’s not uncommon for the company to remove small options or support for an older technology. Needless to say, Apple doesn’t trumpet these removals from the rooftops, as it does with new features, leaving it to users who relied on a previous behavior to discover the change.

Here then are five features that have gone missing from macOS 10.12 Sierra.

Elementary Teacher Uses Technology To Help Dyslexic Kids Develop Love Of Reading, by Julie Fancher, The Dallas Morning News

Patterson first discovered Bookshare four years ago when she was working with a student who, while not dyslexic, struggled with reading and retaining word patterns. She realized it could be a solution for her dyslexic students to help them practice reading and what they were learning through the Take Flight program. [...]

For students who find Bookshare especially helpful, Patterson works with parents, who can sign students up for an individual membership, which is also free.


iPhone 7 Review: Much-needed Improvements At A Cost, by Victoria Woollaston, Wired

The iPhone 7 is mainly aimed at people with the iPhone 6. There are enough upgrades from its earlier predecessor for you to part with your money for the latest handset, and chances are you’re coming to the end of a two-year contract anyway and the timing is right. You’ll benefit from the better cameras, 3D Touch and boost in performance without feeling like you’re swapping like-for-like.

iPhone 7 Plus Review: Brilliant Battery Life Is Almost Worth The Money Alone, by Victoria Woollaston, Wired

We’re not sure the boost in battery is proportionate with the amount you’ll pay for the device, but couple it with the improved camera and overall sturdiness of the device and it comes incresingly close.


Upgrading To macOS Sierra Will Break Your SSH Keys And Lock You Out Of Your Own Servers., by Quincy Larson, FreeCodeCamp

It turns out Apple decided to quietly force 2048-bit RSA keys on everyone, which has been a mild inconvenience for some, and a confused panic for others.


This Twenty-Something Forced Silicon Valley To ‘Show Her The Numbers’, by Miranda Katz, Backchannel

On October 11, 2013, Tracy Chou returned home from the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing in Minneapolis and fired off a Medium post asking: Where are the numbers? She had been mulling the question since attending a breakfast several days earlier at the conference, where Sheryl Sandberg brought up the dire state of women’s representation in tech and posited that the gender gap was only getting worse. That caused Chou to raise an eyebrow — not because she disagreed, but because she couldn’t imagine what data Sandberg might be referencing.

“It just made me think, what numbers is she talking about, exactly?” Chou recalled. “Because nobody really had those numbers, and to my knowledge I had the best just at the back of my mind, from having talked to people at different companies. I couldn’t imagine she had any access to any better numbers. I didn’t believe that existed.”

FM Stations That Don’t Reach Far, But Reach Deep, by Brett Sokol, New York Times

After going on the air last year, “I was shocked by how much more excited people were about FM as opposed to web radio,” he said. “People told me they really missed ‘old fashioned’ radio. In my opinion, what they’re missing isn’t just the radio. It’s local, live, smart, real grass-roots interactions, discussions and music.”

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There are two different ways to get to the widget page on iOS 10. Method number 1: go to the home screen and swipe to the right. Method number 2: pull down the notification screen, and swipe to the right.

In method number 1, if you scroll all the way up, the search field will be activated, and you can start typing in search terms. In method number 2, if you scroll all the way up, nothing happens.

Why are they different? Why do they need to be different?


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