The Startup-Chime Edition Sunday, October 30, 2016

With The New MacBook Pro, The Startup Chime Is Dead, by Stephen Hackett, 512 Pixels

However, the startup chime is ingrained into the experience of having a Mac, I’m sad to see it go. A Mac without the chime feels broken, even if I know it isn’t. I don’t power down my machines often, but I liked hearing the chime when I power them back up.

It’s tradition.

It’s like losing the Happy Mac all over again.

How Google, Apple And Microsoft Just Saved The PC, by Mike Elgan, Computerworld

Each company introduced advancements that users didn't ask for, didn't think they wanted and are already complaining about.

Why? Because we love new technology in theory but hate it in practice.

Need An All-purpose Dongle For Your New MacBook Pro? Use The Microsoft Display Dock!, by Dennis Bednarz, WinBeta

The dock features an HDMI and DisplayPort port as well three regular USB-A and one USB-C port (plus one on the back for connecting the dock itself). Compared to other dongles, the Continuum Dock offers the most for its price. It looks good, it can charge your MacBook, and has all of these ports.


4 Essential Time-Management Apps For Type-B Personalities, by Mike Brown, Inverse

f you’re someone that takes things easy, doesn’t get too upset about winning or losing, or struggles to get hyped up about organization tools, you’re probably a type B personality. Compared to their ambitious, aggressive brethren, the type A, type Bs have long lamented the lack of time management apps that cater to their needs. Too many of them throw up needless options, strange buttons or integrations that don’t seem to make sense. A calendar attached to a to-do app? Who needs that?

Thankfully, help is at hand. There’s an array of task apps for both smartphones and computers that will help organize your time effectively and push you off delaying that one extra task. Here’s four of the best tools to help manage your time effectively.

Pinball Meets Tron In PinOut! From Mediocre, by Christine Chan, AppAdvice

PinOut! is one long, continuous journey. There is only one game mode, and the goal is to race against time and see how far along in the long pinball table you can get.

Pull My Finger: Some Joker Made A Fart App For MacBook Pro’s New Touch Bar, by Buster Hein, Cult Of Mac

Apple’s magical new MacBook Pro hasn’t even shipped yet, but that hasn’t stopped one developer from creating the first Touch Bar fart app.


Why Freemium Apps Suck For Everyone (And How Apple Is Killing Paid Apps), by Graham Bower, Cult Of Mac

Like Steve Jobs said about music, I believe that people want to own their apps. That way you know what the total cost will be. And, once purchased, you can be sure you get full access to everything you need with no surprise extra costs.


An Ode To The 11-inch MacBook Air, by Serenity Caldwell, iMore

The 11-inch MacBook Air was too small of a computer for most everyone I knew; I had many friends who'd outright laugh or baffle at how I could read or type on such a teensy screen. But it was just right for me, especially going from the behemoth of a 15-inch MacBook Pro. Its lightweight and travel-sized body was the perfect fit for my changing lifestyle, especially when I began frequently traveling to tech events and visiting friends across the country.

Goldman Sachs Pushes Apple To Make Rival Bid For Time Warner, by Josh Kosman, New York Post

Goldman is trying to persuade Apple to make a rival bid for Time Warner, a source with direct knowledge of the situation said. [...] Cook’s company has expressed interest in buying Time Warner in the recent past, and there is some belief that judging from his comments this week, he will not let AT&T carry the day.